‘When Calls the Heart’ Director Deletes Poll About Nathan’s Future Love Life

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A director of Hallmark’s hit series “When Calls the Heart” posted a poll on Twitter about Nathan’s future love life. But before long (and after a possible hint about the future was shared), the director ended up deleting the poll.

The Poll Asked Viewers If They Would Like Nathan to Find Love in Season 9

Filming is just about to start on season 9, and director Peter DeLuise posted a poll on Twitter that he later deleted about the new season. He asked fans: “Who would like Nathan to find love this year? Asking for a friend. #Hearties #WCTH”


While the tweet got a lot of interesting replies, perhaps the most interesting was from DeLuise’s wife, who shared that she thought it would be great if Nathan had a romantic connection this season, otherwise the storyline might be boring. You can still see other replies to the now-deleted tweet.

One fan tweeted about the deleted poll, writing: “Remember the deleted DeLuise’s (director) poll question was… ‘Who would like Nathan to find love this year? Asking for a friend.’ Below is a reply that his wife, Anne made. Could this be why they did the poll? They must have Season 9 scripts by now.”


DeLuise replied, tweeting that his wife, who wrote the tweet, is named Anne Marie, not Anne.

Anne Marie DeLuise’s tweet read: “Wouldn’t watching him mope for a season or two be really boring television? Not to mention boring for Kevin to play.”

This has led some “When Calls the Heart” fans to wonder if it’s a hint that Nathan might start making some romantic connections as early as season 9, now that Elizabeth has chosen Lucas.

Meanwhile, some #TeamNathan fans are celebrating that the poll was deleted.

In fact, quite a few #TeamNathan fans took the poll as an opportunity to share again how upset they were about Elizabeth’s choice and the way the season ended.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “season 8 made me feel ridiculed for wanting the Mountie/Teacher relationship. i actually feel quite stupid now for all the energy I spent supporting the show and investing myself in it. I still feel shocked about how it all went down, and I wont ever invest myself in it again.”

However, not all fans disliked the finale.

One fan wrote: “There is nothing to fix. The outcome of that finale was so clear from the moment Elizabeth and Lucas met. Hanging on to the idea that Elizabeth should be with a mountie again is Boring and predictable. I think what they did is genius. That was creativity as it best.”

Some fans suggested Fiona as a possible connection. One fan wrote that the best love interest for Nathan would be someone who isn’t already on the show, or perhaps someone who left and is returning.

@EvergreenEileen wrote, in part: “As disappointed as I was in how S8 ended, I answered yes. But, I want it to be more real life. And NOT someone already on the show. It could be someone new to town… Or someone who left long ago and is returning. Someone who helps Nathan and Allie heal. Someone who will take their hands as friends at first and lead them forward. As times goes on, their love as friends will grow deeper until they realize together they are IN love… This is the only way I can truly see Nathan with someone else. Throwing him in with someone already in town, just doesn’t seem plausible.”

Cindy Busby Once Said She’d Love to Play Nathan’s Love New Interest

In May, Hallmark fans were tweeting about who they’d like to see date Nathan on the series. When Cindy Busby’s name was shared, Busby retweeted the suggestion and wrote: “That would be so much fun! I’d love that #Hearties.”

Busby and McGarry starred as love interests in the movie “Autumn Stables.” It premiered in 2018 in Canada. The movie was also released on Hallmark Movies Now.

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