‘When Calls the Heart’ Executive Comments on Nathan, Elizabeth, & Lucas’ Future

Crown Media What's in store for Elizabeth, Lucas, and Nathan in season 9?

Fans are still talking about the season 8 finale of Hallmark’s hit show, “When Calls the Heart.” With plans already in the works for season 9, creator Brian Bird has dropped some hints about what to expect for Nathan’s future and Elizabeth and Lucas’ relationship.

Elizabeth & Lucas May Have Some Rough Times Ahead

Bird spoke on the Christopher Closeup podcast about Elizabeth and Lucas’ future in season 9. He warned that things won’t necessarily go smoothly for the new couple.

He said about the future season:

I want to see the new layers of Lucas, layers that we haven’t seen before. I think there’s a lot more going on there with this young man than people give him credit for. And I want to see him with little Jack, to see how he handles the idea of instant family, potentially, if this relationship is going to work. And how these two adjust to each other in the real world. It’s one thing to be on a courtship…Sometimes when you get into a real relationship, it’s not quite as much the honeymoon as you expect. But all that is to be explored.

Essentially, he warned that Lucas and Elizabeth won’t have the perfect honeymoon courtship that some fans are expecting to see. The two will need to adjust to each other in the real world, and viewers will see all the ups and downs that go along with that.

Last season, Lucas and Elizabeth already experienced some ups and downs. Lucas was angry when Elizabeth didn’t immediately tell him that his parents were having marriage troubles. And in prior seasons, Elizabeth was angry when Lucas submitted her book to his mother without her approval first. The two even briefly broke up when she was drawn to Nathan, before she made her final decision in favor of Lucas. So they’ve certainly navigated issues before. But it looks like they are going to have more issues to face in the future, too.

Nathan Will Have New Storylines to Explore

Nathan, meanwhile, isn’t going anywhere. In the same podcast, Bird explained that he was looking forward to exploring new storylines involving Nathan, including building a close friendship between Nathan and Lucas that possibly mirrors Elizabeth’s friendship with Rosemary.

I think it’ll be awesome to see what happens with Nathan. He’s not going anywhere. He’s the Mountie in this town. I also love the idea of what happens with him and Allie. I actually love the idea of what happens with Nathan and Lucas. As I mentioned earlier, Rosemary and Elizabeth were at arms length in season one. There was no love lost there. Now they’re best friends and neighbors. So to me, the potential of these two young men actually having a really interesting friendship is also there too.

Kevin McGarry, who portrays Nathan, previously told Jim Halterman from TV Insider that he believes the triangle decision was the right one.

Chris, Erin, and I are great friends, and we just want to tell the best story we can, and it’s the type of story that will keep the stories of Hope Valley going on further. And this is … I really think the way this ends is the best possible way that it could go.

It’s not clear when Nathan will find love again. But Hallmark star Cindy Busby has said she’d love to play a character who was Nathan’s love interest on the show.

Hallmark fans put together a thread of which actresses would make great love interests for McGarry’s character Nathan on “When Calls the Heart.” When Busby’s name was shared, Busby retweeted the suggestion and wrote: “That would be so much fun! I’d love that #Hearties.”

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