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When Calls the Heart

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The showrunner for Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, John Tinker, recently shared a video on Facebook with his wife, Ronda Rich, where they answered questions from fans about the show. Throughout the video, he teased big developments that fans can expect to see this Sunday with certain characters.

This article has minor spoilers for Season 8 Episode 9 in terms of storylines that might be part of the plot. 

Something Big Is Happening with the Canfields This Sunday

Tinker shared at about 15:00 in the video above that there’s a big development coming up with Joseph Canfield and his pastoral career.

Tinker said:

I think there’s a big development coming Sunday night. Again, I apologize. These episodes were written and shot and I haven’t really watched them since we scored them, but I think there’s a big development coming Sunday.

Around 22:38 in the video, another fan asked if there would be a new pastor in Hope Valley if Joseph doesn’t take the job.

Tune in Sunday, you’ll get an answer to that question.

In Season 8 Episode 7, Joseph revealed that he’s not ready to return to being a pastor just yet.  He told Minnie that he was running from being a pastor and he didn’t want to give up his own plans. But Minnie told him this wasn’t just his calling, it was the family’s calling too.

“I want to make something of myself Minnie,” he said.

“In whose eyes, Joseph?” Minnie asked.

We’ll Learn More About What Happened to Jesse’s Money

Rich asked Tinker if we’ll ever learn more about what happened to Jesse’s money this Sunday. Around 25:45 in the video, Tinker responded, very excited.

Oh yes… Oh I think there is something coming up. Oh my gosh, I think there is. I wasn’t play-acting, I just remembered it!

He also talked about how he and Eva Bourne, who plays Clara, discussed that they need to dive deeper into Jesse and Clara’s marital issues if the show is renewed for a ninth season.

Tinker said: “If we have another season … yes, we absolutely have to do deal with that. The marital strife as it stands now … between the two of them is manageable, but it’s got to be addressed and it will be addressed. So please watch the show.”

We’ll Also Learn More about Christopher’s Background with Lucas

Another fan asked if we will learn more about Christopher’s comment to Lucas about how he’s already in the mud with Christopher. Around 16:00 in the video, Tinker said, “Oh yes you will, this Sunday… I love when people pick up on those little cues. I love that.”

He also admitted that there’s really not a good reason why Lucas carries a teacup with him all the time. He talked about that near the beginning of the video.

I don’t know… Not that I have a problem with it, but I asked that same question on set one day when I realized Lucas was always seen either standing at the foot of the saloon or on the porch. He always had a teacup. I wondered, ‘What’s in the teacup?’ I also wondered, ‘Why is it a teacup?’ He seems, perhaps not the teacup-bearing person. He might carry a glass or a mug. I don’t know… That really made me feel foolish.

So it looks like Lucas’ teacup is just something that naturally evolved as they were filming and wasn’t based on anything particular about his character.

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