‘When Calls the Heart’ Fan Spots Shocking Clue About Jerome Smith & Henry

Henry on When Calls the Heart.

Crown Media Henry on When Calls the Heart

A new character, Jerome Smith, played a big role in the season 9 premiere of “When Calls the Heart” on Hallmark. He has a mysterious past with Henry — and it’s bad enough to make Henry really angry. A Hearties fan picked up on a clue about Smith & Henry’s history and shared it on social media.

This article may have minor spoilers based on clues that fans found in earlier episodes. 

A Letter Shows That Smith Dismissed Henry’s Safety Concerns About the Mines

On Twitter, @LucaBeth_Writer shared the clue and told Heavy that it was Teresa T who originally found the amazing hint and posted it on Facebook.

“I just shared what her excellent detective work showed on FB. Really significant,” @LucaBeth_Writer shared.

Here’s a closeup of the photo of the telegram, which is from a previous episode.


The photo shows a letter from Pacific Northwest dated March 27, 1910, which is the year that the show’s first season took place. Jerome Smith shared in the season 9 premiere that he had once overseen Pacific Northwest, and that’s how he and Henry knew each other.

The letter has the subject line “Re: Noah Stanton” Noah Stanton was Abigail Stanton’s husband. He died in the coal mining incident and was Henry’s right-hand man, according to the WCTH wiki.

The letter reads, “Dear Henry, After careful review, we feel your concerns regarding any safety issues are unwarranted. Please consider this matter cleared.”

The letter is signed “J. Smith” (which we now know stands for Jerome Smith), who at the time was “Manager – North West Territory, Pacific Northern Mining Company.”

This could very well explain exactly why Henry was so angry at Jerome to the point of hitting him. Jerome would only say that he put Henry in charge of the mines when the town was Coal Valley and they departed “less than amicably.” If this is the same J. Smith who denied Henry’s concerns, then Henry likely doesn’t want Jerome investing in his business after the bad history they have — not to mention the chance that Jerome might put people in danger again. 

Brian Bird Tweeted About the Letter in 2019

In 2019, Brian Bird — executive director and co-creator of the series — referenced the letter on Twitter. He wrote, “Hmm… I saw the name ‘Noah Stanton’ on that telegram. Takes me back to Season 1.” He was replying to someone asking what Bill found.

Lacey Frazier wrote in reply: “We paused and read it at my house! Poor Henry! Why did he keep quiet all these years?”

When someone asked what the letter said, Frazier wrote, “Apparently, Henry DID attempt to address the concerns about the mine’s safety and the Mining Co., told him they were unwarranted.”

In another tweet on June 2, 2019, Bird wrote: “Hmm… was that correspondence found in the bottom of a file cabinet about ‘Noah Stanton?’ Wow, that’s a blast from the past… wait perhaps ‘blast’ is not the best word.”

In the season 2 episode “Trials of the Heart,” a trial was held to prove that Noah Stanton carried no blame in the mine’s explosion that killed 47 men in Coal Valley. The judge found that the mining company was guilty, and it had to be shut down permanently.

In season 8 episode 9, Henry stops Bill and tells him that he can help him solve the mining disaster. Then in the season 8 finale, Henry keeps his promise to Bill about giving him more information about the mining accident. We walk in halfway through a scene between them, where Henry is giving him information and says Bill is welcome to open another investigation if he wants.

“Feels like you’re trying to clean the slate, to say goodbye,” Bill observes. Henry is a bit evasive about the observation. He later tells Lucas that he’s leaving and that the saloon, the hotel, the petroleum business – none of it matters to him. He’s not sure what’s next for him, but it’s not the “acquisition of more shiny objects.”

However, in season 9 Henry returns to Hope Valley when he learns that Jerome Smith might be investing in his business. This clue, found by an astute Hearties fan, may have revealed just why it was so important to him to come back.

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