‘When Calls the Heart’ Fans Think Nathan Has This Connection to Jack

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On When Calls the Heart, fans are divided about whether Elizabeth should choose Lucas or Nathan. But some fans have come up with a particularly intriguing theory about Nathan that might connect him to Jack, Elizabeth’s husband who died. Here’s a look at what fans are theorizing about the Hallmark series.

This article will have spoilers through Season 8 Episode 2 of When Calls the Heart, along with an official synopsis for Episode 3.

Kevin McGarry Says the Show Will Reveal What Was Holding Nathan Back

Kevin McGarry (Nathan) told Entertainment Tonight before the new season aired that something has been holding Nathan back from fully pursuing Elizabeth, but he’s going to move past that this season. McGarry said Nathan works past what’s been holding him back when it comes to pursuing Elizabeth, but he didn’t dish on which man she’s ultimately going to choose. The interview made it clear that she could go in either direction, because Lucas will be pursuing her more too.

“At the end of what happened in Season 7, for Nathan…it kind of kicks him into gear a little bit, and he does start to get a bit more direct about what he wants and what he’s willing to give up to get it,” McGarry said. “It’s unveiled this season why there is awkwardness between the two of them. There has been something that Nathan’s been holding on to that gets revealed. Why there’s been so much distance.”

When asked if Nathan has heartbreak in his past, he said, “Yeah, but it’s not the heartbreak you think it is. It’s a different kind of heartbreak.”

This is intriguing, considering that by the end of Episode 2, Nathan appeared to have already gotten past what was holding him back when he declared his love for Elizabeth. The only thing from his past that he had to face so far was connected with Allie’s biological father. But that doesn’t really seem to connect well with what McGarry said to expect in terms of something causing “awkwardness” between them. So some fans have gotten creative about what they think might be holding Nathan back.

Some Fans Think Nathan & Jack Were Connected in the Past

The episode synopsis from Hallmark for Episode 3 reads: “A geyser erupts at the oil rig and everyone in Hope Valley drops everything to help. Nathan is summoned for an inquiry by a Mountie from his past and Jesse takes a liking to driving Lee’s motorcycle.”

Some fans think this secret from Nathan’s past involves Jack. Since both Nathan and Jack were Mounties, some fans believe they actually served together at one point in the past.

In Season 5, it was explained that Jack led a group of recruits through a mountain during a training assignment, when a landslide happened. He died a hero, pushing two men out of the way and sacrificing his life in order to save theirs. Some fans are wondering if Nathan might have been one of the recruits with Jack in the mountain and perhaps even one of the people that Jack saved.

However, other fans have pointed out that Nathan specifically told Elizabeth that he never had the pleasure of meeting Jack, so it can’t possibly be that connection. They also point out that he has a long history with the Mounties and couldn’t possibly have been a recruit when Jack was killed. Others suggested that maybe Nathan was sent to the scene of the accident later, so while he never met Jack in person, he still had a connection to Jack’s accident.

Still others think that maybe Nathan was supposed to be assigned to Hope Valley, but instead turned down the assignment to care for Allie, so Jack came in his place.

But those aren’t the only theories that fans have come up with. Other fans believe the connection might be in the property that Nathan is buying from Bill. Is it possible that the property is next to the property that Jack bought for Elizabeth? Or could Elizabeth have sold her property to Bill, and now Nathan is buying what was once Jack’s property? These theories don’t seem likely, since Elizabeth was able to quickly visit Jack’s property while it seemed like Nathan had to travel farther away to get to the land he’s considering. So it’s unlikely that he’s looking at Jack’s land or land right next to Jack’s. Some even think that Elizabeth was riding to her and Jack’s land when she left Nathan after his confession of love.

So while a connection between Jack’s land and Nathan’s land seems unlikely, many fans still think we will learn there is some kind of connection between Jack and Nathan. But only time will tell.

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