‘When Calls the Heart’ Exec Reveals Deleted Scene with Lucas, Elizabeth & Little Jack

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Fans have had a lot of questions during this season of “When Calls the Heart” concerning Lucas’s interactions with Baby Jack (or lack thereof.) The showrunner for the popular Hallmark series, John Tinker, recently shared a video on Facebook with his wife, Ronda Rich, where they talked about a key scene involving Lucas and Baby Jack that was deleted from Season 8.

Lucas Gave Baby Jack a Toy Dog, But That Scene Was Deleted

Baby Jack (also referred to by fans as “Little Jack”) had a key interaction with Lucas that was deleted from the show. Tinker and Rich talked about it around 22:00 in the video above. If your browser doesn’t allow you to see the video above, you can watch it at this link.

Rich told Tinker that a question she’s often asked is whether Lucas and Little Jack have been around each other much.

“To my knowledge they haven’t,” Tinker replies.

He agreed that COVID restrictions have played a role in limiting interactions, and then described a scene involving Lucas and Little Jack that had been filmed this season, but was later cut.

Tinker said, “There was a … scene which I believe would be in the DVD set… When Little Jack was in town with his mom and Lee and Rosemary returned, he’s pulling a little toy dog about ‘yea big’ on a string.”

Tinker motioned with his hands at this point to show the size of the toy dog.

“Well, that was actually a gift given to him by Lucas,” Tinker continued. “When he returned, Lucas gave that dog to Little Jack and he said to Elizabeth… a little toy dog on wheels… And he said, ‘Every boy needs a dog.’ And I loved that scene, but we had to cut it.”

COVID Restrictions Limited How Much Time Little Jack Could Be on Screen

In general, Little Jack’s screen time has been limited with all the characters this season due to COVID restrictions. In a previous Facebook video, Tinker revealed that not only had the COVID restrictions limited interactions, but he also forgot to include more scenes with Elizabeth, Lucas, and Little Jack.

Tinker said in the video:

The COVID restrictions really limited our use of the Taylor twins… But there was some things like that that escaped my attention… Chris McNally and Erin Krakow brought it to my attention, for instance… They helped me realize, Lucas has never been in Erin’s row house. Perhaps appropriately. He’s simply a suitor and he’s not seeing [unintelligible.] But yes, in short, it did limit us.

Brian Bird, creator of “When Calls the Heart,” had retweeted a tweet from fan Janette Stephens explaining why even Elizabeth wasn’t seen with Little Jack as much lately.

The tweet read: “I think it needs to be reiterated that the Hope Valley kiddos couldn’t film as much this season because of COVID. No, Elizabeth hasn’t abandoned her child. The show was making safe choices. 💓💓💓 #Hearties”

Some fans had been complaining that they thought Elizabeth was abandoning Baby Jack, but that wasn’t the case at all.

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