‘When Calls the Heart’ Exec on Why We Don’t See Lucas with Little Jack

Lucas and Elizabeth

Crown Media Lucas and Elizabeth

The showrunner for Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, John Tinker, recently shared a video on Facebook with his wife, Ronda Rich, where they answered questions from fans about the show. One of those questions was about why we don’t see Little Jack (aka LJ) very often with either of Elizabeth’s suitors, whether Lucas or Nathan. Tinker revealed what was really going on behind-the-scenes.

Because of COVID-19 Restrictions, Little Jack Couldn’t Have as Many Appearances with Elizabeth’s Suitors

Tinker shared at about 13:30 in the video above that there were two big reasons why we don’t see Little Jack very often with either Lucas or Nathan. One of those reasons is due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Fans have been especially curious about Lucas not spending much time with Baby Jack, sometimes pointing out that they think Lucas really doesn’t care much about Elizabeth’s child. But this actually isn’t true. Tinker admitted that he hadn’t even thought very much about how much time Nathan or Lucas were spending with Baby Jack until Chris McNally (who portrays Lucas) and Erin Krakow (who portrays Elizabeth) pointed it out to him.

Tinker said in the video:

The COVID restrictions really limited our use of the Taylor twins… But there was some things like that that escaped my attention… Chris McNally and Erin Krakow brought it to my attention, for instance… They helped me realize, Lucas has never been in Erin’s [unintelligible.] Perhaps appropriately. He’s simply a suitor and he’s not seeing [unintelligible.] But yes, in short, it did limit us.

Many fans on Team Nathan had been arguing that  Lucas wasn’t right for Elizabeth because they said he didn’t seem to care about Baby Jack as much as Nathan did.

In the last episode of When Calls the Heart, however, Lucas brought up that he was glad he and Elizabeth had their romantic date in her yard so she could be near Baby Jack in case he needed her. Elizabeth seemed touched by that remark.

Of course, none of this really points viewers to who Elizabeth will ultimately end up with, as it could still be Nathan or Lucas. But it does explain why we haven’t seen either character around Baby Jack as much this season.

Baby Jack Is Portrayed By Twins

Baby Jack, in real life, is portrayed by twins.

Lincoln and Gunnar Taylor are the twin babies who play Baby Jack on When Calls the Heart. You can follow their story on Instagram here.

The twins just celebrated their third birthday.

On their birthday, their mom wrote on Instagram: “Cant believe these two turned three right before my eyes. Where did the time go?! A life with twins is full of tears, laughter, unity, tears; oh wait, I already said that 🤪 Lincoln and Gunnar, you are constantly showing me the things in life to be greatful for. That miracles do happen and double the trouble really does mean twice the fun! Lincoln you are a spit fire. So loving and caring and always on the move. Gunnar you have been here before. You are so knowledgeable and always making people laugh. Happy 3rd birthday my sweet boys!!!! We love you 🥰”

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