LOOK: Photos from ‘When Calls the Heart’ Deleted Scene with Nathan

Crown Media Kevin McGarry plays Nathan on When Calls the Heart.

Jaeda Lily Miller, who portrays Allie on Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” shared two photos from a deleted scene with Nathan that would have aired in season 8.

The Photos Show Allie & Nathan Going Fishing

Miller shared the photos on her Twitter account on September 6. They show Allie and Nathan heading off together for a fishing trip. She said the scene was filmed but had to be cut because the episode was too long.

One fan, Line M. Eriksen, replied: “This looked to be an absolutely lovely and heartwarming scene. So sad it got cut, but so thankful you shared a glimpse of it with us.”

Julie Windsor replied on Twitter: “Thank you for sharing,Jaeda.JT shared in a fb live event that S8 provided so many really good scenes & many of them didn’t make the final edit. Now I am wondering what else we’ve missed! I appreciate you & all that you bring to Allie with some intense scenes in S8. You rocked it!”

Another fan wrote that they hope the deleted scene will be on the season 8 DVD.

The Collector’s Edition DVD for season 8 is going to include deleted scenes for “When Calls the Heart.” The DVD collection is expected to release on September 23, 2021, according to Edify Store’s listing. ChristianBook.com lists September 21 as the release date.

Showrunner John Tinker shared a video on Facebook with his wife, Ronda Rich, where they answered questions from fans about the show and talked about deleted scenes. One of those scenes involved Nathan clapping for Elizabeth after she saved Robert. In another Facebook video, Tinker talked about a deleted scene involving Lucas and Elizabeth and Baby Jack.

When asked if any of those deleted scenes might make it onto the DVD, Tinker said: “If they’ve been included in the past, I would say yes. If they haven’t been included in the past, I will press for them to be included.”

There were also several deleted scenes involving Hickham.

Nathan & Allie Went Fishing When They Skipped a Parent-Teacher Conference in Season 8

It’s not clear which episode the scene that Miller shared was filmed for, but Nathan’s fishing trips with Allie were mentioned a couple of times in season 8. In season 8 episode 5, Nathan told Elizabeth that he skipped a parent-teacher conference because he went fishing with Allie instead. This led to the infamous meeting between them at Elizabeth’s home.

Nathan admitted that he thought it was best he didn’t attend the conference, considering what happened between them. Elizabeth told him that Allie’s education should always come first, no matter what was going on. Elizabeth then told him that she wanted to put Allie in an accelerated math program, but Allie’s concentration suffered toward the end of the school year. Elizabeth hinted that it was because of Fort Clay weighing on Allie, but Nathan said everything was fine.

In that scene, Nathan ended up admitting that going fishing instead of going to the conference was selfish.

Then in season 8 episode 6, Nathan and Allie end up going on another adventure together, after having to delay another fishing trip they wanted to take.

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