‘When Calls the Heart’ Fans Are Divided About Nathan’s New Mustache

Nathan on When Calls the Heart Season 9

Crown Media Nathan on When Calls the Heart Season 9

Fans of Hallmark’s hit series “When Calls the Heart” are debating a new mustache that Nathan has in several sneak peek videos from season 9 of the series. Additional evidence reveals whether or not the mustache will last for the entire season.

Nathan Has a Mustache in the New Season 9 Videos

Crown MediaNathan on When Calls the Heart Season 9

The sneak peek videos were shared by The Hallmark Channel over Christmas weekend. In a number of them, Nathan (Kevin McGarry) had a mustache, which is new for the character.

You can watch one sneak peek here or in the post below.

In this first video, Jack Wagner (who plays Bill Avery) looks at Kevin McGarry oddly while they’re introducing a new clip. McGarry doesn’t have a mustache while they’re filming the introductions to the sneak peek, but his character has one in the video itself.

McGarry asks Wagner, “What do you think about Mountie Nathan having a mustache this season?”

Wagner asks if they can talk about something else. He says the new season has community, romance, friendship, adventure, humor, and more. McGarry jokes that there’s lots of “Mountie stuff” in the new season, too.

In this next video, which you can watch below, Nathan is still sporting a mustache while he and Bill talk about how Mounties are now expected to know how to drive automobiles.

“I’m not giving up my horse,” Nathan says.

“Would you consider maybe giving up that mustache?” Bill asks. Nathan doesn’t seem very amenable to that idea either.

You can also still see Nathan with the mustache in this photo with Allie, shared below.

One viewer tweeted: “Hail ‘Team Mustache.'”

Another fan tweeted that they don’t agree with the choice of a mustache, but “the mustache is growing on me.”

Other fans are agreeing that the mustache is beginning to grow on them.

One viewer wrote: “Wait! What? There are others like me who love the mustache on Nathan Grant?!? Yes!!! I love a mustache! I blame Tom Selleck!!”

Another viewer wrote: “Am I in the minority that I kind of liked Constable Nathan Grant in a mustache?”

But still other viewers think the mustache needs to go.

Nathan Likely Won’t Have the Mustache for the Entire Season

It looks like Nathan won’t have the mustache for the entire season. A behind-the-scenes video showed McGarry without a mustache. Here’s a screenshot from that video below.

When filming wrapped and Jack Wagner shared a video with Chris McNally and McGarry, McGarry also didn’t have a mustache.

This next photo that Wagner shared on September 7 also showed McGarry without a mustache.

So it appears that he doesn’t have the mustache for a good part of the new season.

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Fans are pointing out the same thing. On Twitter, Lis M. wrote: “Nathan’s mustache obviously doesn’t last for long since he’s clean shaven in the third picture. Man #Hearties #S9WillBeDivine.”

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