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Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” is busy filming the tenth season. But a recent comment by a Hallmark executive hinted that the show’s premiere date has been delayed, with the series returning later than fans are used to.

The Season 10 Premiere Will Be Later than Typical for ‘When Calls the Heart’

In a Hallmark Media panel for the Television Critics Association (TCA) on August 10, Hallmark executives shared interesting tidbits about upcoming projects, including a hint about the return of “Good Witch.” They also commented on the return of Hallmark’s hit series, “When Calls the Heart.”

Lisa Hamilton Daly, Hallmark Media Exec VP President of Programming, said “When Calls the Heart” would be returning in the middle of 2023, Deadline reportedVariety reported the same.

Mid-2023 would imply the show returning in the summer, perhaps sometime around June. This is later than the series typically returns for its new seasons. Most of the seasons returned in February, with last season’s premiere slightly delayed to early March. But even March would likely still be referred to as “early 2023” rather than “mid-2023.”

Season 1, which was 12 episodes long, debuted on January 11, 2014. Season 2, which was seven episodes long, debuted on April 25, 2015, which was a departure from Hallmark’s typical schedule for this series. Then things got back to normal for season 3, which was eight episodes long and debuted on February 21, 2016. Season 4, which was 10 episodes long, debuted on February 19, 2017. Season 5, which was also 10 episodes long, debuted on February 18, 2018. And season 6 debuted on February 24, 2019. Season 7 premiered in February 2020 and Season 8 premiered on February 21, 2021.

Season 9 did premiere a little later than the series’ typical February premiere date, airing its first episode on March 6.

Now it looks like the show is going to be delayed even more for Season 10. Executives did not give any more details or even a projected month for the series’ return. So far all we know is that it’s coming back in the middle of 2023.

The Series Is Returning with a New Showrunner

Laurie Ferneau, Senior Vice President of Development at Crown Media Family Networks, told ET Online that Lindsay Sturman would be the showrunner for season 10. John Tinker was the showrunner for the most recent seasons before that. No mention has been made publicly about why Tinker isn’t returning.

Ferneau said, “We are also excited to welcome to the family our new showrunner, Lindsay Sturman, who brings her immense talent to the show.”

According to IMDb, Sturman, the new showrunner, has served as a co-executive producer for “Supergirl,” “Nightflyers,” and “Teen Wolf.” She’s also worked in producing roles for “Battle Creek,” “Cult,” “Rizzoli & Isles,” NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Harper’s Island,” “Bionic Woman,” and “Close to Home.”

Tinker had previously shared that he had plans for season 10.

“I just love this tenth season coming up,” Tinker told fans during a YouTube interview. “You’re going to have babies and weddings and people in jail and sick people… They’re lined up, we’ve just got to knock them down … in a way that will be uplifting to people and have lots of fun… Will we see Rosemary’s pregnancy? Indeed you will… The time jump…will be the second trimester, but we’ll definitely catch her in the third trimester.”

While it’s not clear why Tinker’s not returning, we do know that he’s working on a new project based on a different work by Janette Oke. In a video that was posted to his wife Ronda Rich’s Facebook page (but is no longer viewable), Tinker said his project “is about… something that I think the Hearties are really gonna love… As I’ve said, when we sold this, it has the same DNA that When Calls the Heart has, and it’s based on a Janette Oke book.”

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Judy Acosta
Judy Acosta
1 month ago

I love this program and have watched it from it’s premiere. I know this is the last season and hope they do a good job bringing it to a close. I hope they make extra episodes and show a couple of movies during the year to keep
us up-to-date on what the characters are up to.

Joanna Spence
Joanna Spence
1 month ago

Sorry the 10th season is being delayed, but something to look forward to. So glad When Calls the Heart is coming back and also The Good Witch. Thanks Hallmark. Now just need a new Murder 101

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