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When Calls the Heart Season 9

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John Tinker, the showrunner for “When Calls the Heart,” already has a lot of plans for season 10 — including a time jump. Although the series hasn’t been renewed yet by Hallmark as of the time of this article’s publication, the producers are already hard at work planning what will happen in the new season. In fact, the show’s executive producer has already made it clear that the show will continue one way or another, even if it’s not renewed by Hallmark.

The Time Jump Will Bring Fans to the Last Trimester of Rosemary’s Pregnancy

From the Water Tower: John Tinker and the Hearties Admins Talk S9 & the FinaleWCTH's Season finale wrapped up a host of storylines which show runner John Tinker discusses here. We go over the Hearties' wish list, the admins' favorite scenes from the season, and answer Hearties' questions. Lastly, we convey Hearties' thanks to John for him to share with the cast and crew.2022-05-26T02:35:59Z

“When Calls the Heart” showrunner John Tinker talked about the season 9 finale and plans for season 10 in a YouTube interview with Hallmark fans. During the interview, he revealed some of the plans for season 10, which include a small time jump. While the series often has a time jump before starting a new season, Tinker assured fans that they won’t miss Rosemary’s pregnancy.

The season 9 finale revealed that Rosemary is pregnant after struggling with infertility issues for years. Her husband Lee excitedly announced her pregnancy to all of Hope Valley in the final episode. Fans were concerned that we might miss Rosemary’s pregnancy if there’s a time jump.

The good news is that fans will only miss part of her pregnancy. Tinker shared that the time jump they have planned will involve the tenth season picking up during the third trimester of Rosemary’s pregnancy.

“I just love this tenth season coming up,” Tinker said when talking about their plans for the show’s future. “You’re going to have babies and weddings and people in jail and sick people… They’re lined up, we’ve just got to knock them down … in a way that will be uplifting to people and have lots of fun… Will we see Rosemary’s pregnancy? Indeed you will… The time jump…will be the second trimester, but we’ll definitely catch her in the third trimester.”

Later in the interview, he emphasized again that fans will indeed get to enjoy her pregnancy storyline.

“We will give you baby bumps and there will be plenty of time to have her pregnant,” he assured viewers.

Hallmark Hasn’t Renewed the Series Yet

During the same interview, Tinker said that he hadn’t heard anything yet about a renewal.

“Again, not being coy, I haven’t heard anything,” Tinker said. “But I would just be stunned, shocked, and amazed if this show weren’t picked up.”

For the last few seasons, Hallmark has announced the series’ renewal on the day of the season finale. Some fans grew concerned after Hallmark did not announce a renewal during this year’s season 9 finale.

In an interview with JLJ Media on YouTube following the season 9 finale, executive producer and creator Brian Bird said that they will continue the show one way or another, even if Hallmark doesn’t renew it for a tenth season.

“Whether or not the Hallmark Channel wants to keep us around forever doesn’t matter,” Bird said. “There will be somebody else who wants it because it is so unique. And we will keep making the show as long as those Hearties want to show up and watch the show.”

Bird is currently also serving as executive producer for “When Hope Calls,” a spinoff of “When Calls the Heart.” The show’s first season aired on Hallmark’s streaming service. The second season was picked up by a different TV network, GAC Family. A two-episode Christmas special aired on GAC Family in December 2021.

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