WATCH: ‘When Calls the Heart’ Wraps Season 10 with Special Bill & Nathan Video


The Hallmark Channel’s “When Calls the Heart” is wrapping filming for season 10, according to posts shared by the actors. To mark this momentous milestone, Jack Wagner and Kevin McGarry shared a video featuring their characters Bill and Nathan.

Jack Wagner Shared a Video Celebrating the Conclusion of Season 10

On November 15, Wagner shared a video celebrating the wrap of season 10. McGarry appeared in the video with him, dressed as Nathan.

Wagner wrote: “S10 in the Books!! Incredible to be a part of such a magical show. I hope you all enjoy S10 airing I next year on @hallmarkchannel @wcth_tv #Hearties @kevin_mcgarry_w Have a Safe and Great Holliday Season🙏”

The duo was singing a song about wrapping season 10 and seemed to be having a really good time.

One person replied: “Ready for this bromance to go on tour! 🔥”

Another person replied, “Congrats on wrapping S10. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop with these little BTS gems. It wasn’t technically a Mountie Tuesday post to complete the set, but y’all are my two favorite Mounties.”

Hollywood North Buzz revealed in June that “When Calls the Heart” would begin filming again on July 25, and the final date of filming was November 16, 2022.

Other stars also posted about wrapping filming, including Pascale Hutton (Rosemary.)

Pascale Hutton

InstagramPascale Hutton

In an Instagram story, Hutton simply shared on November 15 that it was her last day of filming for season 10.

Erin Krakow (Elizabeth) hasn’t shared anything yet, as of the time of this article’s publication. But she did share a funny video celebrating Chris McNally’s birthday.

Jaiven Natt (Robert) shared a series of posts about wrapping filming.

“Coming to set is like coming home!” he wrote. “Can’t wait till we are all back at it together…”

“See ya next season,” he wrote in another post, with a photo taken with Hyland Goodrich (little Jack.)

When Is the Series Returning?

This year it looks like the series will be returning a little later in the year than it did for season 9. But this isn’t because of the filming dates. Season 9 wrapped filming around November 10, 2021, which was just a few days before season 10 wrapped this year.

In a Hallmark Media panel for the Television Critics Association (TCA) on August 10, Hallmark executives shared interesting tidbits about upcoming projects, including the season 10 return of “When Calls the Heart.”

Lisa Hamilton Daly, Hallmark Media Exec VP President of Programming, said “When Calls the Heart” would be returning in the middle of 2023, Deadline reportedVariety reported the same.

Mid-2023 would imply the show returning in the summer. This is later than the series typically returns. Most of the seasons returned in February, with last season’s premiere slightly delayed to early March. But even March would likely still be referred to as “early 2023” rather than “mid-2023.”

However, Hallmark hasn’t announced a specific date yet, so only time will tell. Fans are hoping for an announcement over Christmas. Last year, Hallmark provided some sneak peeks and cast commentary about season 9 over Christmas and Christmas Eve.

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