‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Episode 10 Review: A Wedding & a Mystery

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When last week’s episode of Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” ended, Elizabeth had hurt multiple people in her life as she was dealing with the fallout of her grief about Jack all over again. As the episode concluded, she even ended up at odds with her best friend, Rosemary. Now with season 8 episode 10, she has to face the people she hurt while simultaneously celebrating Ned and Florence’s wedding. A lot hangs in the balance as the season draws closer to an end, but viewers were left with more questions than answers by the time the episode concluded.

This is a review and recap of “When Calls the Heart” Season 8 Episode 10. The article will have SPOILERS. 

The latest episode, called “Old Love, New Love, Is This True Love,” celebrated love in all of its frailties and joys. Not only did Elizabeth seem to continue struggling between Lucas and Nathan, but viewers also saw Ned and Florence deciding if their relationship was actually true love. While Erin Krakow highlighted the episode as her character continued navigating conflicting emotions, Loretta Walsh and Hrothgar Mathews truly stole the show this time. The two actors beautifully portrayed a pure love emboldened by the excitement of second chances.

Ned & Florence’s Wedding Is So Refreshing

After watching Elizabeth go back and forth all season, Ned and Florence’s drama before their wedding is refreshing to see. As the episode begins, Ned confesses to Carson that he’s nervous about getting married. All the men pretty much gather together to encourage Ned, as word about his “cold feet” spreads quickly. The juxtaposition of the comedy from the men and the heartwarming authenticity from Florence’s “ugly duckling” conversation lends the perfect opening for the latest episode.

Ned is struggling a lot during this episode, at least at first. Henry gives him the advice no one else will: that he just needs to trust his heart and he doesn’t have to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. That was exactly what Ned needed to hear, and he wants Henry to be his best man! Considering all that Henry’s gone through lately, that scene was pretty much perfect.

Ned’s daughter Katie is back in Hope Valley, after being gone from the show for several seasons. She looks upset, and Ned relays to Elizabeth that Katie doesn’t want him to get married. Katie later admits to Elizabeth that she feels this way because her dad was so stricken with grief when her mom died, and she doesn’t want him to go through that again. Elizabeth admits she still struggles with the same thing, but life will always have uncertainty.

“If we start to shrink back from those things that might hurt, then our greatest risk is possibly never experiencing our greatest joy,” Elizabeth shares. This is a quote that Hearties are repeating as they try to decide who Elizabeth will ultimately choose.

In a later scene, Mollie decides to give the dress she bought to impress Bill to Florence instead. That’s a twist I hadn’t expected, but Florence is going to look stunning in that dress. While Florence’s friends are hard at work putting together the perfect dress, Minnie and Carson are working at putting together the perfect wedding cake. And Angela is preparing to play the piano for their wedding. The entire town is pulling together to give Florence and Ned the absolute perfect day, and it reminds viewers of why Hope Valley is such a special place.

Ned sneaks in to visit Florence while she’s getting her hair styled, and things go so much better than I had imagined. Florence tells him she’ll think the best of him no matter what, even if he doesn’t end up wanting to get married. And all it takes is a minute with her for Ned to lose his cold feet and feel completely fine about the wedding again. They share a kiss, and they are now officially the most adorable couple that Hope Valley has ever seen.

Ned and Elizabeth later have a heart-to-heart, and Elizabeth confesses that she once thought she could never open her heart again. “People like you and I, we have to remember what it is that we’ve learned. That life is brief and unexpected, and we always have to ask ourselves, what will I do with today?”

Also unexpected was how touched I was by the scene with Molly and Florence. They’ve been best friends for a long time, and Molly gave up her favorite new dress so Florence could wear it in the wedding. These two share an incredibly sweet moment that shows their friendship will continue to last for a long, long time.

When we finally get to see Florence’s wedding dress and hairstyle, she looks absolutely stunning. I must say, the directors outdid themselves for this wedding. Florence is beautiful, and she is the absolute perfect bride. During the wedding, she and Ned are just adorable together. The directors knocked it out of the park with this wedding.

Elizabeth’s Love Triangle Grows Even More Confusing

But as Ned and Florence seal their love, things grow more confusing with Elizabeth’s love triangle.

The last time we saw Lucas and Elizabeth before this episode, Lucas was disappointed that Elizabeth hadn’t told Nathan that she didn’t love him. While Elizabeth’s looking for Katie earlier in the episode, she catches Lucas up on what’s going on. Things don’t really seem tense between them, at least not as tense as things are between her and Rosemary. But when Elizabeth sees Nathan shortly after visiting with Lucas, it’s easy to tell that her feelings for Nathan aren’t gone. Although I was once convinced earlier this season that Elizabeth would end up with Lucas, this show has thrown me for a loop and left me and many other fans unsure about what to expect in the end.

We later see that Lucas and Elizabeth have come to the wedding together, and everything between them is just fine. Elizabeth tells Lucas that he looks very handsome, and Lucas tells her that she looks beautiful. Whatever tension was between them last week seems to be gone now. However, they don’t hold hands during the wedding, which leaves me with questions.

After the wedding, during the reception, Lucas and Nathan have a tense scene when Lucas points out that maybe if Nathan stopped pressuring Elizabeth, Allie wouldn’t be so confused. Elizabeth still looks torn as Nathan walks by, and her eyes aren’t only on Lucas tonight.

Throughout the reception, we haven’t seen Elizabeth and Lucas dance one time. Instead, Elizabeth asks Nathan to talk to her outside, and Lucas seems really bothered by it. She tells Nathan that Jack would have taken anyone’s place on that mission, and she wants him to know that she doesn’t blame him for Jack’s death. Nathan takes her hands, and Elizabeth doesn’t pull away like she did at first with Lucas. When Lucas sees them holding hands through the window, he’s understandably upset.

So this has left fans with a lot of questions. Some believe that Elizabeth has deep feelings for Nathan that are surfacing, and Lucas is observing this and will soon need to step aside for Elizabeth’s real love.

Others think Lucas has misinterpreted Elizabeth and Nathan’s moment together. In Hallmark movies, there’s often a moment of misdirection where the true love interest sees the person he’s supposed to end up with having a “moment” with someone else, and misreads what’s going on. If Hallmark is holding to its classic “misdirection moment” that we see in movies, this scene might actually be a good sign for Team Lucas.

Elizabeth & Rosemary’s Friendship Sharply Contrasted Molly & Florence’s

Best friends have issues sometimes, and this episode showed us the best and the worst of close friendships. Molly and Florence’s friendship soars — even with Molly giving away her prized dress so Florence can wear it in her wedding.

But Elizabeth and Rosemary’s friendship struggles, with the tension never quite letting up. When Elizabeth first stops by to visit Rosemary, she confesses that she hasn’t been herself and she doesn’t like the way she’s been behaving. Rosemary assures her that friends will remain friends, and they can set aside their difficulties to focus on Ned and Florence. But despite this conversation, things are tense between these two, and I don’t think they’ve reached a true place of reconciliation. Perhaps Rosemary needs a more heartfelt apology from Elizabeth.

Is Romance in the Air for Allie?

In the beginning of the episode, Allie is basically trying to become her own version of Elizabeth, which is really amusing to watch. She tells Robert that she’s had so much fun with Paul, she didn’t even realize no one was calling and forgot about her job. But neither young boy is picking up on her hints, and Robert and Paul decide to go deliver the mail together instead of hanging out with her. That was a pretty authentic moment for the kids.

Later at the wedding, Robert does notice Allie’s hairstyle, so there’s still some hope for those two. It’s a cute, innocent bond growing between the characters. He later asks her to dance at the wedding reception, and she’s delighted. I was hoping for a “Nathan shocked” kind of scene when he saw her dancing, but sadly that wasn’t delivered this time.

Faith Doesn’t Seem to be Committed to Carson

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Carson and Faith are still struggling with Carson’s leaving for the fellowship and their possible breakup. Carson’s determined that they’ll get through this together, but Faith’s been unsure for several episodes now.

Carson confesses to Minnie that he bought an engagement ring for Faith, but never asked her to marry him when she didn’t come home for Christmas. (This is likely referring to a storyline we were supposed to see in the Christmas movie that had to be canceled because of COVID restrictions.) Minnie advises Carson that he needs to remember why he does what he does, and not to forget the best parts that motivate him. But later after the wedding, when Carson tries to do just that by offering to stay, Faith still won’t have it.

I’m wondering if deep down, Faith really doesn’t want to be with him. Carson’s not ready to give up just yet, but I’m not sure if Faith would even accept a proposal at this point.

Lee Confesses That His Faith Is Lacking

There are quite a few interesting confessions during this episode.

Before the wedding, Joseph and Lee are trying to get the bell up onto the steeple. Lee confesses that he only has moderate faith and feels bad heading up the pastoral search committee. From previous episodes, I’d guess that he’s not the only one having those issues in Hope Valley. Pastor Joseph will have his work cut out for him.

A mysterious stranger shows up at Fiona’s barbershop while she’s trying to help Florence choose a hairstyle. He wants a quick trim before he meets his client. At first, I’m wondering if this is the guy from Hamilton who was coming about the stolen car. But he then inquires about whether Fiona would be interested in selling her store, which she quickly turns down. So now it seems like he might be connected with the mysterious land surveyors mentioned in previous episodes, rather than the man coming from Hamilton.

To add to the mystery, Jesse runs after the mysterious man’s car, clearly livid at him.

“That was the man who stole mine and Clara’s savings,” he reveals.

But Rosemary still thinks he’s connected with the surveyors, who might be running some kind of scam. I’m enjoying this mystery. They’ve been dropping hints about the surveyors for weeks now, and this addition where it’s somehow connected to Jesse losing his money is quite fascinating. Bravo “When Calls the Heart”!

Fiona & Mike Are Quickly Gaining Fans

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A new love story seems to be developing between Fiona and Mike, and fans are really excited about it. In this episode, he tells Fiona that people are talking about them, which she doesn’t mind at all. But when she thinks he’s going to tell her that he has feelings for her, she’s about to shut him down. Instead, he tells her that he sees her as a confidante. For a woman like Fiona, that was the perfect thing to say.

Later during the wedding, it briefly appeared that the show might be opening up a possible Fiona and Nathan connection, when Fiona stops to fix Allie’s hair. I wonder if there could be a Mike-Fiona-Nathan love triangle next if Elizabeth chooses Lucas? If there’s not, we’ll definitely have a Fiona-Mike romance soon, since she asked him to dance after the wedding and they’re planning a business partnership together.

Fiona is one of my favorite characters on the show. Kayla Wallace has chemistry with anyone she shares screentime with, and she brings a sense of vitality to every scene.

Is Abigail Coming Back?

The show reveals new information about Abigail, which makes me even more convinced that they’re bringing her back on the show.

Henry tells Ned, “Well, when two people only see the good in one another or when one sees something in the other that he can’t remotely see in himself, I figure that’s a gift. Treasure it, Ned.”

“And you and she write so often,” Ned comments back. He’s referring to Abigail.

“When I sit at my desk and I look out my window across at the cafe,” Henry responds, “And I see her name, I’ve got nothing but regret.”

“The fact that you two write each other will always stay between us,” Ned tells Henry.

Could it be any clearer that Abigail might be coming back? Hallmark hasn’t announced it, but it really seems like the writers are opening the door to that possibility.

In the end, this was a fascinating episode. While Elizabeth’s triangle still was front and center, Ned and Florence’s wedding really stole the show. Those scenes with Henry talking about Abigail and Rosemary discussing the mysterious surveyors have left me really intrigued about what’s going to happen next.

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