‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Episode 3 Review: Team Lucas Troubles

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 3 Review

Crown Media When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 3 Review

Last weekWhen Calls the Heart ended with a dramatic moment between Elizabeth and Nathan. Nathan declared his love to her, but Elizabeth said she couldn’t handle the idea of losing him. At the same time, she made a solid connection with Lucas’ mother, sending mixed signals to fans everywhere. Season 8 Episode 3 of the Hallmark series continues the drama with some twists that I hadn’t anticipated.

This is a review of When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 3, “In the Ashes,” so expect spoilers below. 

When the episode starts, we don’t start with Elizabeth writing a letter this time. Instead, we see her and Rosemary talking about “Freedom Alls,” a new type of fashion for women that Clara and Faith are promoting. Rosemary makes a vague hint about one day not running the shop anymore, but won’t elaborate when Elizabeth presses her. I have to wonder just how serious she is about this random statement she made. Probably more so than she’s letting on.

But this is only the beginning of the drama that this episode has in store.

Nathan Is Hiding a Big Secret

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Early in the episode, Elizabeth tells Rosemary that she feels bad about running away from Nathan like she did.

“I know I made the right choice not to be with Nathan, but I don’t know that I made the choice to be with Lucas.”

Well that’s confusing!

Bill tells Nathan that it’s going to be a few more weeks until he can finish Allie’s adoption papers. Plus, another buyer’s been asking about Bill’s land. Nathan tells him that he’s not interested anymore. Yikes, that’s a major decision! He’s uprooting Allie again because Elizabeth said no to him, I guess. :(

That’s when a Mountie from Nathan’s past, Andrew, rides up. There’s a slight bit of tension between Nathan and Andrew, and Andrew mentions that he has a matter to discuss with him. He says they’re opening another internal inquiry into the shooting last year that ended with a Mountie dying. (That’s the one where Elizabeth gave Nathan that historic hug.) The inquiry will take place in Hope Valley, with Nathan’s potential fault in the matter being closely looked at. In a later scene, Bill looks over the paperwork and is shocked by the inquiry. Nathan says he and Andrew don’t get along because they’ve crossed paths before, but he won’t share any more than that.

Let me just say, that was a lot more serious than I had expected. I didn’t think Nathan’s career would be at risk, did you?

Bill confides in Elizabeth and tells her about the internal investigation. (See, even Bill confides in Elizabeth more than Nathan does…) He tells her that this inquiry is super unusual. When he later presses Andrew about it, Andrew won’t reveal his past connection to Nathan. So Bill confronts Nathan about the situation, and Nathan is still equally evasive. What is it with all this lying?

Based on the preview, it looks like we’re going to learn more about what Nathan is hiding next week. But I won’t reveal that in this review, in case anyone reading this article tries to avoid spoilers from previews.

This show is never easy on Nathan.

A Lot of Couples Had to Work Through Relationship Issues in Episode 3

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Molly reveals that she’s thinking of buying Bill a birthday gift. She’s obviously still really interested in him, even though she’s trying to hide it. That’s about as far as their relationship gets in this episode.

Lee reveals that he shipped a chair halfway around the world, and it’s bad luck if the person who owns the chair doesn’t sit on it first. But of course, Rosemary has to give it a try! Unfortunately, it breaks beneath her!

Lee is upset, but he forgives her. He says he didn’t reveal the true meaning of the chair — how it reminds him of a chair he built with his grandfather. She later builds him a workshop, and it’s a really sweet moment between the two of them. It’s a great example of the right way to resolve conflict.

Lee asks Jesse to move his motorcycle, and Jesse takes it for a spin. As it turns out, Jesse really wants to buy the motorcycle but Clara is not amused.

Ignoring her concerns, Jesse buys the motorcycle anyway. Clara is livid, and Jesse later finds that he’s run out of gas while enjoying his time riding outside. I think Clara and Jesse still have a lot of work to do in order to get on the same page.

In a later scene, the relationship issues continue. Carson disagreed with Faith’s diagnosis of Ned’s ankle sprain, and Faith is really unhappy about it. She confronts Carson about what happened. But Carson tells her that he doesn’t understand what’s going on with her. Faith tells him that she wants to be treated like she’s gifted and he values her opinion.

For some reason, this is a really tough moment between the two of them and Carson is having trouble hearing what Faith is trying to tell him. I’m honestly not sure if they’re going to work it out.

Fiona & Lucas Have a Scene Together that Might Make #TeamNathan Fans Happy

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Fiona gives Lucas a beard trim, and she suggests he shave the whole thing off. I think fans who are shipping a possible Lucas and Fiona will get a lot out of that scene. Lucas pays Fiona more than he owes her, and Fiona comments about how nice Lucas is. Although I prefer Lucas with Elizabeth, there’s certainly a chance that this is the beginning of building a connection between those two.

But Lucas is facing quite a few problems after his haircut. The well needs to be dug deeper and it’s not performing “well” (haha), so Lucas is considering shutting down the whole operation. But before he can do that, they strike oil! And then it ALL goes wrong. There’s a huge explosion and things turn grim fast.

Lucas looks like he’s injured and hit his head. He doesn’t know how to put the fire out, but Henry does. They need a lot of dynamite. Undeterred by being told to stay in town, Fiona shows up to help, and they can’t tell her no because they really need her. Everyone has to put their lives at risk to put out the fire. Thankfully, Henry’s plan works! It was close for a minute, but everyone’s going to be OK. :)

Elizabeth and Lucas’ Interactions Are Very Confusing in Episode 3

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Elizabeth is distracted during her and Helen’s meeting, and she tells Helen that she’s uncomfortable not telling Lucas the truth. Helen doesn’t seem to let that persuade her, but later it’s going to all blow up in her face. The good news is that Helen will learn a valuable lesson from it all.

After the explosion, we don’t see Elizabeth being super concerned about Lucas’ well-being. She doesn’t hug him, grateful that he’s OK. She doesn’t even check on him to see how he’s doing. :( We did have a moment where Helen’s upset that Lucas risked his life, so there’s that. To add insult to injury, Lucas finds out about his dad and is really angry at Elizabeth for not confiding in him. He should be angry at his mom, not Elizabeth, in my opinion. Knowing Lucas, I guess that he’ll come around soon, but the show doesn’t grant me that.

In some ways, I see Elizabeth’s argument with Lucas as a good thing, considering the theme of the episode. Faith was mad at Carson for not considering her feelings, Clara was mad at Jesse for not considering her input, and Lee was upset at Rosemary for not considering his feelings. It seems that the Lucas-Elizabeth spat fit right in with the other couple’s stories, for better or worse.

Lucas’ mom later visits Elizabeth and says she regrets telling Elizabeth to lie to Lucas (even though, let’s face it, the damage is already done.) Elizabeth tells her it’s normal to be scared of being vulnerable, and she needs to show the thoughtful, caring side of herself to Lucas’ dad. She advises her that she and Lucas’ dad need to show each other their true hearts, and love needs to be nurtured. True love is always worth fighting for, even if she has to reach out first, she advises Helen. I wonder how much of this Elizabeth is applying to her own heart too.

After Helen leaves to return home, Elizabeth reaches out to Lucas (just like she advised Helen!) So this leaves me wondering if Elizabeth thinks of Lucas as her true love. However, that hope is quickly dashed by their conversation. Lucas is heartbroken over his parents’ losing their love for each other. Elizabeth tells him that love needs to be fought for.

Lucas uncharacteristically tells her, “What would you know about it?” He’s referring to the concept of fighting for love. I guess he’s just really hurt that Elizabeth is still dragging him on, but let’s be honest. If he shuts the door on her now, it’s going to backfire.

And Elizabeth says, “That was cruel.”

At first, I was really confused, because that statement is really out of character for Lucas. But Lucas took a lot of hits that day. He found out that his parents’ marriage was in danger, and he had modeled his beliefs about love after them. He found out Elizabeth didn’t confide in him. Plus, Elizabeth is doling out love advice while still stringing him along for months. His reaction is only human, and I’m hoping Elizabeth can see that.

In the end, Elizabeth seems to still be equally drawn to both Nathan and Lucas, as she gazes at each man and then walks away from them both (although she does walk in Nathan’s general direction, which some fans are taking as a sign.)

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