‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Episode 4 Review: Tears & Plot Twists

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 4 review

Crown Media When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 4 review

Last week on When Calls the Heart, we were left with a crazy preview that showed Elizabeth confronting Nathan about Jack. Ever since, fans have been on the edges of their seats waiting to find out what’s going to happen between Elizabeth and Nathan, along with Nathan’s inquiry. But what did happen really wasn’t I had expected at all.

This review of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 4, will have spoilers for the latest WCTH episode. 

Nathan’s Trial Scene Was Heartwrenching, But His Elizabeth Scene Was a Bit Anticlimactic

Tonight brought the storyline that fans have been waiting for: Nathan’s inquiry and the revelation of his connection to Jack.

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In the first inquiry scene, they were going over the details of what happened when the Mountie was shot. Bill says that Constable Grant was going to resolve everything peacefully when Constable Novack reached for his own rifle. Then, Jenny shot and killed Novack. But Andrew points out that Bill didn’t see Jenny shoot Novack, so he doesn’t know for sure that Nathan had no role in that. And Andrew’s really not interested in backing down — at least not at first.

Allie confides in Elizabeth in a later scene that she’s worried about Nathan. And then she drops a bombshell, saying that Nathan served at Fort Clay three years ago.

“People said Uncle Nathan did everything right the last time,” she says. “…When he got in so much trouble before Clay… Uncle Nathan got suspended. After that, he asked for a transfer. That’s how we wound up in Fort Simpson before coming here… All I know is he was a lot more fun before it (the suspension) happened.”

Elizabeth is shaken by this, since Jack was at Fort Clay too. It looks like Nathan kept something else from her.

In the next inquiry scene, Andrew points out that Nathan has acted brashly once before, and he brings up Fort Clay. Bill is angry and thinks the inquiry should only cover the incident at hand and not anything else.

Elizabeth later confides in Rosemary that Nathan was stationed at Fort Clay at the same time as Jack, and it’s really bugging her.

Finally, Nathan confides in Bill about what happened.

“It was Hargrave’s first command,” he says. “We tracked some cattle rustlers. I was to locate them and report back. When I saw them headed for the border, I moved in… Hargraves had me officially reprimanded. Never mind that I made those arrests myself…”

Bill says that it was clear that Nathan disobeyed Andrew’s order, and now Andrew wants his badge. Nathan just says that he can have it if he wants it so badly, and Bill’s not too happy about that response. But of course, he has to inquire about Jack too. Nathan tells him that he never had the honor of meeting Jack, and he never told Elizabeth that he was there.

So there go all the Nathan-Jack theories. This definitely isn’t as huge as I imagined it would be.

Before the final decision is made at the inquiry, Allie and Elizabeth show up at the “trial.” Elizabeth saw Lucas as she headed over there, but she went on to help Allie. This is understandable, considering that she’s Allie’s teacher. Allie gives a heartbreaking plea for them not to find Nathan guilty because he’s all that she has in the world. It’s really sad. :( After hearing Allie’s words, Andrew regrets his actions and recommends no further action against Nathan.

When Allie learns the good news, she gives Nathan a big hug and Elizabeth watches, happily. From afar, Lucas is watching all of them and he’s obviously feeling like this isn’t a good sign for him, especially considering the distance between him and Elizabeth lately.

Near the end of the episode, Elizabeth asks Nathan why he didn’t tell her that he was stationed at Fort Clay. And he confirms with her that no, he never met Jack, and then he just rides away in the most anticlimactic scene yet. Very odd way to end that big conversation, as if Nathan just really didn’t want to deal with the whole thing. His heart might still be hurting from what Elizabeth told him about not being together.

Lucas & Elizabeth Took Some Big Steps Forward

As far as Lucas and Elizabeth, this episode really scored some points for those two. The episode begins with Elizabeth finding Lucas in the library, passed out while reading a book. He says that he never went to bed because he was dealing with issues from the oil well. Elizabeth says it’s lucky that no one was hurt, and he says it was a miracle. Honestly, I’m still having some trouble with how unconcerned Elizabeth seemed about Lucas’ safety, especially when compared to how worried she was about Nathan after the shooting.

She’s obviously really hurt by what Lucas said, but he’s also not apologizing. There’s a lot of tension between these two, and it’s sad to see. I’m surprised they didn’t quickly apologize to each other and work it out faster.

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Later, Elizabeth is having dinner with Lee and Rosemary and Lee’s sister and niece. But one of the restaurant’s best dishes isn’t available because Lucas forgot to order more mushrooms. His chef tells him that he may be trying to wear too many hats with the oil business and the saloon. (How many of us can relate to that feeling? It’s so easy to try to do everything, but few can be successful at everything.)

At the end of the episode, despite the heartwarming scene with Nathan where  Lucas felt like maybe his chances were over, Elizabeth reaches out to Lucas on her own accord.

“I thought I’d take my own advice and be the first to reach out,” she says. Consider that this advice was connected to fighting for true love, I find her statement quite intriguing.

“I want to apologize for not being more forthright,” she tells him. “In trying to honor your mother’s wishes, I hurt you, and I never meant to do that.”

Lucas apologizes to her too for how he spoke to her. He said he shouldn’t have questioned what she knows about love.

“I don’t know whether you want to have anything to do with me,” Elizabeth says, “but I thought you should know I told Nathan that I can’t give him what he wants. That I won’t be seeing him anymore.”

Lucas asks what the means for them, and Elizabeth smiles.

“I guess we’ll just have to see.”

So that was really positive. The preview for next week leaves me unsure, as previews always do (but I won’t write any more about it in case any readers are avoiding previews.) But this episode certainly planted some seeds of hope for these two.

I’m Not Sure Carson & Faith Will Survive, But They’re Trying

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Carson and Faith have a tense moment in this episode, but Carson says that he’s determined to work things out between the two of them. I’m not sure it will happen, because I kind of feel like Hope Valley is in need of a breakup. And Faith voices those same concerns. But Carson seems to overcome my concerns with the gift he gives Faith at the end. Still, I’m feeling a little skeptical about whether these two will last.

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Meanwhile, Mollie needs some love advice herself. She buys a dress to impress Bill, but when it doesn’t work, she’s disappointed. However, she holds her head high and says she’s playing the long game here. The next day, though, Bill comments on her dress, so he apparently did notice!

In the Jesse/Clara world, Jesse is in big trouble for buying that motorcycle, but these two are going to be OK.

The Canfields Are Very Protective of Their Talented Daughter

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A lot happened this weekend! Elizabeth also visits Joseph Canfield and meets his wife Minnie, and their two kids: Cooper, 10, and Angela, 14. Elizabeth learns that Angela is blind and her mom really isn’t interested in having her daughter in school. She teachers her at home because she’s been mistreated in the past. But Elizabeth really wants to be the best teacher that she can be, so she’s not giving up on getting Angela into the school.

We also learn that Angela is an amazing piano player, and I’m thinking this might play a role in getting her into the schoolhouse.

There’s a Big Twist with Lee’s Sister

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Lee’s sister, Susannah, and her daughter, Rachel, have arrived in town! Rachel has an awkward moment where she’s checking Jesse out, and no one tells her that he’s married. Thankfully, we move on quickly from that scene, haha.

Rosemary is just not loving hanging out with Lee’s sister. She thinks she’s just too straight-laced. Meanwhile, Rachel wants to be in Hollywood someday, and Lee’s sister isn’t too happy that Rosemary was talking up Hollywood so much. It’s all a bit awkward. Rosemary later encourages Lee to push his sister to be OK with her daughter pursuing dreams that are more non-traditional.

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What’s odd to me is that I’m pretty sure Lee and his estranged sister just starting talking again last season. And it was tough for her to open that door to him. So it’s odd to me that Rosemary is already pushing her to allow her daughter to pursue paths she’s uncomfortable with. But maybe I’m reading too much into all of that.

While Rosemary and Rachel are out shopping, Rachel helps convince Mollie to buy a beautiful dress by finding a sash that really sets it apart. Rosemary offers to buy Rachel something more modern, since she’s so interested in women’s fashion. And of course, Rachel picks the Freedom Alls from last week! But Susannah is not amused.

Then it gets weirder when Susannah wants Lee to take her side over his own wife, especially considering that Lee and Susannah were estranged until recently. At least she apologizes later, to both Lee and Rosemary

And then out of the blue, she asks Rachel to come live with Rosemary and Lee. And Rosemary immediately says yes. So that was a shock!

I’m thrilled that Rosemary and Lee have a child to raise now. But the whole thing felt a little rushed, considering that Lee and Susannah just recently started talking again. Despite that, I’m going to love having Rachel in Hope Valley. She’s going to be a lot of fun.

I have to give some points to When Calls the Heart this week. The show threw a lot of curveballs that I hadn’t anticipated, and it was lovely to watch them all play out.

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