‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Episode 6 Review: Team Nathan Isn’t Over Yet

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 6 Review

Crown Media When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 6 Review

Last week’s When Calls the Heart episode ended with Elizabeth and Lucas growing closer after having a date in the comfort of Elizabeth’s backyard. Meanwhile, other couples like Faith and Carson and Clara and Jesse were having unique issues of their own. This next week picked up with fans fervently wondering if Nathan still had a chance. The episode revealed that Nathan’s story isn’t over just yet.

This is a review for Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 6, so there will be spoilers through this most recent episode below.

Elizabeth Is Absolutely Giddy About Lucas

At the beginning of the episode, Elizabeth is finishing up the edits to her book when someone leaves a note at her door. It’s Lucas! He’s inviting her to meet him a the pond at sunset. It’s all very romantic. Romance is Lucas’s specialty.

When she shows up for Lucas’s surprise, he has a picnic set up for them at the pond. Elizabeth tells him this is exactly what she needed, after spending so much time fixing up her manuscript based on his mother’s notes. (Hey, as a writer I can totally relate to this!)

She comments that Lucas is always surprising her, and he said that he felt he needed to make up for dinner. But Elizabeth assures him that wasn’t necessary because dinner in the backyard under the stars was really nice too. He says he’s glad they could be at her house, just in case Jack needed her, and Elizabeth seems really moved by how he cares. It’s also a great moment for fans who doubted Lucas’s sincerity about little Jack, to be able to see that he thinks about him too.

Honestly, Elizabeth looks really happy in this scene. She’s had the world on her shoulders for so long since Jack died, and it’s nice to see her relax and get excited about something again. When it starts raining, they have to rush back to the car. And that’s when they almost kiss in an incredibly romantic scene. Not too surprisingly, Elizabeth pulls back at the last second and tells him that she can’t because she’s just not ready yet. And Lucas is OK with this. In fact, they share a laugh together and really just seem to be closer because of it.

It really feels like Lucas and Elizabeth have a more stable relationship than Nathan and Elizabeth. When she asks him to go slow, Lucas is OK with moving at whatever pace she prefers. He lets her take the lead and is understanding. Nathan tends to rush things and scare her off, declaring his love a lot sooner than he should have.

The next day when Elizabeth visits Rosemary, she seems positively over the moon about her date with Lucas. She says things went great “in spite of and in light of” the rain that interrupted her date, and she seems almost giddy about it all.

Fans Think a Look Between Elizabeth & Nathan Might Show Why He’s Not Giving Up

But things aren’t completely over with Nathan and Elizabeth either, and Team Nathan fans are finding plenty of reasons to hold onto hope.

After Nathan and Allie stop by the postal office, Allie grills Nathan about how he feels about Elizabeth. He won’t answer her question, but he has another idea for an adventure they can go on since fishing had to be delayed a day.

Allie, not ready to give up on her dream of Elizabeth and Nathan ending up together, invites Elizabeth to go riding with them. But Elizabeth says no (which we later find out is because of her date with Lucas.) Not deterred by being turned down, Allie asks Nathan again if he’s interested in Elizabeth. He just says that it’s complicated. Allie lets him know that Robert “like likes” a different girl, and she’s still a little disappointed. 😔 Awww, poor thing.

Nathan runs into Elizabeth at the post office later and he just kindly says, “It was nice to see you again,” and Elizabeth seems strangely surprised by it. To me, this is an odd exchange. Fans think it means she might have feelings for him. But I can’t help but wonder if she’s simply surprised that he’s being friendly and has hope that this means they can be friends sometime.

Near the end of the episode, we see the sneak peek that’s been circulating the Internet, where Nathan and Carson both admitted that they weren’t ready to give up on Elizabeth or Faith.

Jesse & Clara and Faith & Carson’s Fates Are Unclear

Clara and Jesse are still struggling with how Jesse lost their entire life savings. And Jesse hasn’t even told Clara what he did to cause that to happen! Jesse lets Lee know what happened and that he’s heartbroken over what he’s done. But for now, Jesse is staying at the saloon.

Joseph gives him some great advice, telling him that a marriage is two beams (the husband and the wife) with a crossbeam holding them together. Neither is more important in the marriage than the other. The crossbeam is different for every couple, but for him, God is the crossbeam.

Clara confides in Faith about Jesse and their savings, and Faith admits to her that things are shaky now with Carson. Carson later tells Faith that he turned down the fellowship offer at Johns Hopkins, but Faith doesn’t want him to give up such an amazing opportunity. She’s also worried that he will grow to resent her if he turns this down. But no matter how much he tells her that he wants her more than the fellowship, Faith just deeply feels like that’s the wrong decision.

Fans Weren’t Expecting the Twist with Henry’s Relative

Today we met a new character in Hope Valley! A dashing young man has arrived and he’s already caught Rachel’s eye. At the beginning of the episode, he’s trying to hide from Henry. But he doesn’t hide for long, as he later shows up at Henry’s table at the saloon unannounced. We learn that his name is Christopher Hughes and Henry is not happy to see him. But Christopher doesn’t seem fazed at all by Henry’s unwelcoming attitude.

In a later scene, he figures out that Henry lost his oil business. “So what does that feel like, losing something you obviously poured so much blood and sweat into creating?” Christopher asks.

Henry says he’s trying to learn from his mistakes and he’s learned that life is “devastatingly short and fragile.” He admits he won’t have enough time to fix everything he’s ruined. He concludes by saying that Christopher came to say goodbye, but Christopher refuses to do that or shake his hand. There’s obviously something pretty deep going on between these two.

Christopher’s pretty upset over what Henry said to him, even wiping away a tear after their talk. But it seems like Rachel is helping him feel better about things. He later tells Henry that he wants to stay, if that’s OK with him. Henry agrees and shakes his hand.

And that’s when we learn that Christopher isn’t Henry’s nephew – he’s Henry’s son! Which makes me wonder just why Henry was so hostile to him when he first showed up.

Lee & Rosemary Remain the Best Example of Stability for Hope Valley

After the intro, Lee rushes home to tell Rosemary that he was the one who asked Dottie about buying the dress shop.

What?! I didn’t expect that twist.

He confesses that he was trying to surprise her, but it went awry. He says he just wanted Rosemary to be her own boss. But he later realized she’d want to earn her way into that position herself, so he called Dottie and told her he was no longer interested. He says that he thinks it got her thinking about selling, and he feels so bad about the whole thing. Rosemary forgives him. These two have a realistic and kind marriage. :) I like how it’s portrayed.

Rosemary later tells Elizabeth that she truly did enjoy herself at the dress shop, but it’s time for her to do something else next.

I love how Rosemary and Lee have learned to resolve their issues. They have a stable relationship that’s a great example in Hope Valley.

Florence & Ned Have a Tough Road Ahead

Things went pretty bad for sweet Florence and Ned this week. 😔 Ned is still feeling sick, but that’s not enough to stop him from wanting to pursue Florence.

At the beginning of the episode, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it was to see a new couple without a lot of drama.


Florence is worried that Ned’s ulcer might be back, so she confides in Carson. Later she surprises Ned with beekeeping gear, and Ned wonders how he had any idea about his interest. “I’ve taken an interest in all things Ned,” she says in what ends up being an incredibly cute moment between the two of them. But when Ned models the suit later, he starts feeling hot and he faints, falling down the stairs. The previews indicate that it might be a lot more than just a fall.

The Canfields Are Settling in Nicely

Over at the Canfields, the family seems to be settling in well/ Angela falls off the swing and hurts her knee, but it’s not broken, just sprained.

Later, Minnie walks up on Joseph praying in the woods, asking God to help her be happy. She lets him know how worried she is about how quickly Angela can get hurt, and it’s led her to reconsider working with Elizabeth. Joseph tells her that she either trusts Elizabeth to take care of Angela, or she trusts God. But either way, Angela will be in good hands. That was a pretty sweet thing to say, and Minnie seems to feel better.

Elizabeth shows up later with a Braille book, and Angela is excited. She’s never learned to read Braille before.

And we later learn that Joseph might have once been a preacher. But, he tells Jesse, that’s a story for another day.

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