‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Episode 7 Review: Trouble’s Brewing

When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 7 Review

Crown Media When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 7 Review

Last week on When Calls the Heart, Elizabeth and Lucas got very close to kissing, but Elizabeth pulled away at the last second. While this was a win for Team Lucas, Team Nathan got a win of their own when Nathan declared that he wasn’t ready to give up on his feelings. But all of that was pushed aside when Ned collapsed after trying on the beekeeper outfit that Florence gave him. Now a lot is hanging in the balance as the new episode begins.

This is a review of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 7, so there will be spoilers in this article.

Ned & Florence’s Love Story Was the Central Focus

Ned and Florence’s love story was the focus that all the other stories hinged upon this week, and that’s exactly how it should have been. They really are the sweetest couple.

Ned was in really bad shape when last week’s episode ended. And when the new episode begins, Florence is at Ned’s side, waiting for word about his condition. Faith and Carson aren’t sure what’s going on with him, and they’re second-guessing their decisions.

When Elizabeth stops by to check on Ned, she learns that Faith and Carson think they might need to operate because Ned’s getting worse. Just before his surgery, Ned asks Florence to marry him.

“You just think about getting well,” Florence says. But Ned asks again, and when Florence is sure that he’s certain, she says yes.

It’s an amazing moment, but also really sad because it’s simply not clear what’s in store for Ned. The next day, Carson tells Elizabeth that they did everything they could, but he’s not sure it will be enough. It’s already looking like Ned is going to need more transfusions, and Florence is devastated by the news.

While Ned is unconscious, Florence sings to him. It’s a heartbreaking scene, and just moments later they realize that they need to operate again. Ned’s not doing well. But eventually, he makes a turn for the better. After the last surgery, he wakes up and he’s lucid again! When he remembers that he asked Florence to marry him, he’s relieved that she said yes. I was scared he was going to change his mind once he didn’t have a fever anymore. I’m so glad that wasn’t the case!

It Looks Like Lucas Is Endgame

When the episode begins, Elizabeth is in the saloon and Lucas brings her tea while she waits for word on Ned. Lucas is preparing sandwiches for everyone. Then he tells her that his mom followed Elizabeth’s advice and she and his dad are going to try to work things out.

“You really are quite remarkable,” he says, taking her hand. “And I hope you know how happy I am to have you in my life.”

But Elizabeth doesn’t respond positively to Lucas’s taking her hand. Instead, she pulls her hand away and seems uncomfortable by the gesture of affection. He takes it in stride, like he usually does, and still offers to go with Joseph to get the school ready for the prayer vigil so Elizabeth doesn’t have to.

The next day, Lucas and Elizabeth are chatting about Henry’s son, and Lucas quotes a book that he says is about a man who falls in love with a woman who later rejects him.

“Are you trying to tell me something?” Elizabeth asks, smiling.

Lucas tells her that he’s perfectly aware that she’s not ready for public displays of affection, and he’s absolutely content to wait on her timing. This seems to really please her, and she’s smiling when he walks away.

Later, Elizabeth tells Lucas that she doesn’t want him to have any secret sorrows. She’s alluding to the book he quoted the previous day.

“I want you to share all your joys and sorrows. Both privately and publicly. So I’m hoping that rather than going for a drive, you might walk me home.” And she extends her hand for him to hold.

Oh my gosh! This is a major step for her. I think that we’ve seen Elizabeth make her choice. I can’t imagine her backing out now.

Joseph Is Running from His Own Fears, But He’s Exactly What Hope Valley Needs

Crown Media

While Elizabeth spent much of this season unsure how to proceed, Joseph had his own story of running from fears and callings.

Joseph holds a prayer vigil in the school, determined to do whatever he can to help. Lucas asks Joseph if he’s a preacher, and Joseph admits that he is, but he’s not trying to pastor a new church. He says he doesn’t want to be treated differently and he has different plans for his life at the time. Very mysterious, isn’t it?

Clara stops by to visit Joseph, hoping that maybe he’ll have advice about Jesse. Joseph tells her she needs to ask Jesse to come home.

“There’s no way for you or Jesse or God to repair your marriage while you’re living apart,” he says. He advises that they need to just enjoy each other first and then discuss money later. But he’ll be there to help them when the time comes to discuss the tough topics.

Joseph really does seem to be exactly what Hope Valley needs! He tells Minnie that he’s running from being a pastor and he doesn’t want to give up his own plans. But Minnie tells him this isn’t just his calling, it’s the family’s calling too.

“I want to make something of myself Minnie,” he says.

“In whose eyes, Joseph?” Minnie asks.

So it seems that Joseph has dreams that don’t involve pastoring a church again, but life (and God) keep pulling him back to his original calling. I wonder if he’ll find a way to combine them both.

Christopher Is Already Causing Problems

Crown Media

Rosemary picks up on Christopher’s interest in Rachel, but she feels conflicted about it. She doesn’t trust him and thinks he’s hiding something. In the next scene, Christopher seems upfront with his dad about wanting to learn the business. But then in the next scene after that, he’s acting sketchy again around Lucas.

Later, when Lee tells Bill he’s missing his pocket watch, I remember thinking that Christopher might have taken it, and it turns out he did. Lucas thinks the same thing and asks Christopher about it. But Christopher isn’t interested in making friends. Instead, he insists on getting a bigger room at the saloon.

He’s messing with the wrong man.

Lucas isn’t about to be intimidated. He says he doesn’t care who Christopher is – if he finds out he was stealing, he’ll be on the next train out of Hope Valley.

The next day, Christopher stops by to talk to Rachel. He seems genuinely interested in her, but I’m not sure if that interest will be enough to straighten him out.

Rosemary May Be Finding Her Calling

Crown Media

Rosemary fills in for Florence at the postal shop, and she’s doing a brilliant job. I think Rosemary may have found her new calling! She’s having almost too much fun running the phone lines. But that might only mean that she’s finally found her passion. I can see this blossoming into something new for her.

Allie Isn’t Ready to Let Elizabeth Go & Neither Is Nathan

Nathan is about to make his adoption of Allie official, and that’s a big reason to celebrate! Nathan stops by Elizabeth’s table at the saloon and gives her the good news. He invites her to stop by to attend the ceremony, and Elizabeth quickly accepts.

So is that a good sign for Elizabeth and Nathan?

The next day, Nathan notices that Allie left Elizabeth off her list of invitees for her adoption ceremony. Allie’s really upset that Elizabeth likes Lucas. Nathan says that ultimately, what they should want is for the people they care about to be happy. And that’s really good advice to be teaching her. He’s a good dad. :)

Later, Nathan finds Elizabeth waiting outside the infirmary as they perform another surgery on Ned. Nathan stops and gives Elizabeth a blanket, even though she told him that she was fine. They have a nice chat, while Elizabeth waits for word about Ned. Nathan confesses that adopting Allie is the best thing he’s ever done with his life, and he doesn’t understand how Allie’s dad could run out on her.

“Haven’t you ever lost someone so close to your heart, it tears you apart?” Elizabeth says.

“Not yet,” Nathan says.

Elizabeth seems troubled by that statement, and Nathan just says good night and leaves.

The next day, it turns out that Allie is still playing matchmaker. The only person she invited to her adoption ceremony was Elizabeth, and she’s holding both Elizabeth’s and Nathan’s hands as the ceremony begins. She’s trying too hard to force them to be a family, and as the episode ends, Elizabeth’s expression seems to indicate that she’s realizing she has a problem on her hands.

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