‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 8 Spoilers: Stars Share Behind-the-Scenes Photos

When Calls the Heart

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Hallmark’s hit series When Calls the Heart isn’t airing a Christmas special this year, which is leaving fans more eager than ever to get started on Season 8 of the series. Stars involved with the series have been leaving some tantalizing clues and behind-the-scenes thoughts about what to expect from Season 8 when it premieres on February 21.

The Executive Producer Said About the Opener: ‘All I Can Say Is … Boom’

Production on Season 8 resumed in July, following strict COVID-19 protocols. Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, told ET: “We’re operating in pods, [meaning] teams of people generally in the same department, and will be working to avoid crossover between them as much as possible. We’re aiming to film scenes outdoors as much as possible. And yes, masks for everyone but the actors in scenes.”

Executive Producer Brian Bird told fans on July 3 about the very first script of the season: “#Hearties… I just read the @WCTH_TV season 8 opener written by @brspndr and all I can say is… Boom.”

John Tinker Is the Head Writer This Season

John Tinker of Chesapeake Shores joined the show in Season 8 as the head writer.

Krakow shared in a tweet that he was going to be the showrunner for Season 8.

When filming wrapped, Tinker shared this photo with Krakow.

And he shared this photo of the set at night.

Allie Deveraux, who is a writing assistant for Season 8, shared this tweet when filming wrapped.

Erin Krakow Said Elizabeth ‘Won’t Have to Hug Herself Much Longer’

During filming, Erin Krakow — who plays Elizabeth — shared a “no filter” photo of Hope Valley.

And she hinted that Elizabeth won’t have to “hug herself much longer.” But she didn’t divulge anything beyond that about Elizabeth’s future with Lucas or Nathan.

The Cast Shared Many Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Andrea Brooks is back for Season 8.

And she’ll have some great scenes with Paul Greene.

She said she’s no longer hiding a baby bump like she did last season.

Pascale Hutton looked really tired on the last day of filming.

But she looked refreshed on her post about the show wrapping the season.

Kevin McGarry showed this photo, thanking the crew.

But he also didn’t reveal any spoilers.

Photos with Chris McNally who plays Lucas also didn’t reveal any hints about what to expect in the Elizabeth storyline.

Martin Cummins (who plays Henry) shared that his last day on the set for the new season was November 17.

He shared this photo from the set on October 27.

Jack Wagner, meanwhile, shared this really funny video with Erin Krakow.

And on a more serious note, he shared this beautiful video of the scenery while filming.

In October, he shared this cute video with his horse.

Ben Rosenbaum portrays Michael Hickam. When filming wrapped, he shared a photo thanking everyone. He wrote: “It was a pleasure to be on set with you each day and especially meaningful to enjoy the privilege of your company this year. Can’t wait for you to see what we’ve made #hearties”

Loretta Walsh shared her new favorite outfit for Florence.

The cast wore PPE in between takes to stay safe.

Hope Valley Is Getting Some New New Residents

Hope Valley is getting some new residents. A family of four (the Canfields) are moving in, Krakow shared on Instagram.

Viv Leacock is playing Joseph Canfield. Natasha Burnett will play his wife Minnie Canfield. Leacock’s real-life children are playing his two children on the show: Vienna plays Angela and Elias plays Cooper.

ET reported that Joseph Canfield will be trying to buy a gas station in Hope Valley.

The New Season Will Have 2 Extra Episodes

Because we’re not getting a movie this year, Season 8 is going to have two additional episodes for fans to enjoy.

Executive Producer Brian Bird shared the news with fans in a public announcement:

…The silver lining is 12 EPISODES (instead of 10) in Season 8… and something else… a holiday surprise that will be there for you under your tree anyway. (More about that later). In the meantime, thanks for always rolling with us through thick and thin with your Hope Valley values of patience and understanding. Hearties are the best fan-community in the world. I feel sorry for all the other TV shows out there that don’t have big shoulders to lean on… like we do with you!

We love you and God bless you!

A Christmas Surprise Is Happening for Hearties

Despite not having a Christmas movie, When Calls the Heart fans will enjoy something special on Christmas Day 2020, including an encore of last year’s Christmas movie.

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