Hallmark Unveils 16 Photos, Cast List & Video for ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9 Episode 2

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 2

Crown Media When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 2

The first episode of “When Calls the Heart” season 9 was a big hit, scoring higher same day/live viewer ratings than any previous season premiere. Hallmark has released details about what to expect in season 9 episode 2. Here’s what we know so far.

Warning: There will be minor spoilers for the new episode below.

The Second Episode Is Called ‘Out Like a Lion’

You can watch a preview trailer for the new episode in the video below.

Preview – Out Like a Lamb – When Calls the HeartAn accident puts life, love and the mayoral campaign in perspective. All-new episode, Sunday, March 13 at 8/7c. Subscribe to our channel for previews, sneak peeks, and more every week: youtube.com/c/HallmarkChannelUSA?sub_confirmation=12022-03-07T02:00:09Z

The first episode of the new season was called “In Like a Lion.” The second episode is called “Out Like a Lamb.”

The description reads:

Hope Valley elects a new mayor. Lucas and Elizabeth try to find the “little moments” in their relationship. Elizabeth offers to help Nathan with his horse after the hit-and-run, but it’s newcomer, Mei, who connects with Newton. 

The description reveals some fascinating details about the new season. First, the mayoral campaign isn’t going to be a major storyline this season like I thought it would be. Instead, the election is already taking place in the second episode. I had actually looked forward to seeing the election play a bigger role this season, perhaps with more funny moments involving Mike Hickam as he runs. So I’m a little disappointed, but also believe it will be interesting to see whoever is elected navigate the role of being Hope Valley’s new mayor, with all the responsibilities that come with it.

We also learn that Mei Sou is developing another connection with Nathan by bonding with his horse after his accident last week.

Along with the official press release, the series also released a cast list for episode 2.

Press Release

The cast list for episode 2 doesn’t reveal any major surprises. Jerome Smith (Dean Paul Gibson) will be back. Several children will be in the episode, and Hyland Goodrich will be back as Little Jack. For some reason, the Taylor twins are on the cast list for this episode and episode 1, but they didn’t actually appear in last week’s episode. They aren’t on the cast list for episode 3.

See Photos for Episode 2

Here are photos for the second episode.

One photo features Fiona (Kayla Wallace). In episode 1 we learned that she had dropped out of the mayoral race.

Crown Media

Another photo features a closeup of Faith (Andrea Brooks), who’s now running the infirmary on her own.

Crown Media

Two photos show Mei Sou (Amanda Wong) bonding with Nathan’s horse, Newton, while he’s recovering from his injuries.

Crown Media

And apparently, Elizabeth witnesses how well she and the horse are getting along. She’ll probably be happy to see this.

Crown Media

Faith looks like she’s dealing with something serious in this official photo from the new episode.

Crown Media

We also see Lucas (Chris McNally) holding a mysterious white envelope in the infirmary.

In an interview with Sharon Norton, Brooks talked a bit about the envelope.

She said, “I haven’t seen this photo… I can say that Faith and Lucas do have a scene, there are many, but there’s one in particular between the two of them this year that involves some encouragement. I imagine that’s probably where that photo’s from but I can’t say for sure.”

Crown Media

There are also several photos after the election, when Ned and Florence are about to announce who won.

Crown Media

Everyone’s waiting eagerly for the news.

Crown Media

Both Lee and Bill are running, and they seem pretty nervous but supportive of each other.

Crown Media

The whole town is waiting for the announcement.

Crown Media

Florence (Loretta Walsh) gets her own photo for this episode.

Crown Media

As does Bill Avery (Jack Wagner.)

Crown Media

There’s also a sweet photo showing Elizabeth and Lucas together on the balcony, while Lucas holds his infamous cup of tea.

Crown Media

They look super happy in the official photos for the new season.

Crown Media

Crown Media

Hallmark also shared a photo of Lucas posed by himself for episode 2.

Crown Media

This week’s script was written by John Tinker and directed by Peter DeLuise.

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