‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9 Episode 6 Review: ‘Past, Present, Future’

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 6 review

Crown Media When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 6 review

Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” has returned for season 9 episode 6. In this episode, called “Past, Present, Future,” we see new romances slowly beginning to bloom, both for the adults and the teens. For this review of “When Calls the Heart,” I’m going to give the MVP to Ben Rosenbaum, who plays Mike, and also to Andrea Brooks as Faith. Rosenbaum really shined in this episode, as his character struggled with a new job and even considered the possibility of a new romance. And Brooks was absolutely delightful navigating the awkwardness (and fun) of a new possible suitor in the wake of Carson’s departure.

This story is a review and recap for “When Calls the Heart” season 9 episode 6, so there will be SPOILERS below.

Mike & Faith’s Romance Was the Highlight of This Week’s Episode

Mike and Faith’s awkward but possibly blossoming romance was the real highlight of the episode for me this week.

Mike is already biting off a little more than he can chew with his mayoral duties, as the foundry people try to sneak behind his back to put up billboards and Hope Valley faces its first traffic jams. But I think with time, Mike is definitely going to rise to the occasion, even if Lee and Bill don’t recognize that he’s the best man for the job at first.

It was nice to see Bill come around by the end of the episode, shifting from having a more patronizing and jealous attitude toward Mike to deciding that they really are allies. He’s going to take Mike under his wing and help him figure out the ropes. (It’s also going to be interesting to see how Mike rises to the occasion when facing Jerome Smith’s possible desire to reopen the mine. I think we’re going to see Mike face this down in a surprisingly strong way.)

But most intriguing to me in this episode was an unexpected potential romance blooming between Mike and Faith! Mike starts out by complimenting Faith’s hair, inviting her to dinner to discuss something he needs help on, and awkwardly waving at her across the street. I’m not sure if this means that Mike and Fiona really are just friends, or if the writers are gearing up to start another love triangle in Hope Valley. I do know I wasn’t expecting this development, but it was a lot of fun to watch.

My only complaint (and it’s a small one) is that I wanted to see Mike and Faith’s dinner together. I was wondering if Faith was going to think it was more like a date, and Mike was going to be seeking her advice on something mayoral-related. I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t see their dinner, and I’m wondering if maybe a scene was cut.

Both Ben Rosenbaum and Andrea Brooks shined in their scenes together. They have an unexpected chemistry, and it’s fun to see Faith getting nervous about a guy now that Carson’s out of the picture.

Lee Is Finding His Calling, But With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Lee was positively seething with jealousy this episode, even going so far as to write a scathing review of Mike’s job. But he also found that his article was super popular, to the point that he was going to print more issues of the newspaper until Rosemary had to stop him.

I think Lee is going to really shine in this reporter/editor role — more so than Rosemary had expected. But he’s going to have a lot of lessons to learn along the way. It does look like he’s found his calling, he just has to go through some awkward stages first as he figures it out.

Kavan Smith really pulled off his scenes well in this episode. It was fun to see this different side to Lee. I think he’ll make a real cut-throat reporter, he’s just going to have to learn to use his powers for good!

Nathan Is Navigating His New Life

Nathan’s done a great job of navigating his post-Elizabeth life, and the fun, joke-cracking personality that Allie had hinted about in the past is finally coming to the surface. It’s been especially fun to see how he and Mei Sou are growing closer, but at a casual pace since they’ve both been hurt before.

I’m most worried about Nathan’s horse Newton, and Bill’s concern that Newton not be ridden yet since he’s so easily spooked. I hope that Mei Sou can get through to him, and that next week’s previews don’t throw a wrench in her ability to work with Nathan’s horse.

Meanwhile, he’s also having to deal with the growing romance between Allie and Robert. (Although I still think he’s interested in Angela too, and we’re going to see a love triangle there.)

Jaeda Lily Miller really shined as Allie this week, especially when she was talking with Elizabeth and Nathan about why she fought Robert in the soda shop. Her joke about how well she hit him and how her grandfather would approve was really funny! It’s nice to see her getting some scenes that show other sides to her character’s personality.

Joseph & Minnie Are Growing Deeper Roots in Hope Valley

Joseph and Minnie had some sweet scenes this week, after last week’s positively glowing scene with Landis. Minnie is going to try to buy part of the cafe (which makes me wonder if this will open the door for a scene with Abigail.) Joseph wanted to buy part of Lee’s business, but he’s decided to put that on hold while Minnie pursues her idea.

I like seeing how these two interact with and support each other. Joseph helping her at the cafe was a really cute scene. After the recent arrest that Joseph made, I’d kind of like to see him in some kind of local law enforcement role, maybe helping Nathan out even if he’s not an official Mountie.

Lucas & Elizabeth Continue to be Adorable

Meanwhile, Lucas and Elizabeth continue to be just adorable. They took a bit more of a backseat this episode, after stealing the show last week with their pre-wedding vows to each other. It’s nice to see what a strong foundation their relationship has. They can disagree on issues, but do so amicably and with respect for each other. They flirt with each other, and really do have each other’s backs.

(And can I just say that Lucas’ reaction to the etiquette class suggestion was hilarious? Chris McNally played that moment perfectly!)

Most interesting to me was Elizabeth’s discussion with Joseph at the end of the episode. She wants to start a book wagon and bring books to people who are out in the mountains when school isn’t in session. My first thought was that this was a very generous, kindhearted desire. My second thought was concern, wondering if she will be traveling alone into the mountains or if someone will be with her. Right now, we know that the Pinkertons and Walden have issued light threats in her direction. Would they try to take advantage of her traveling by herself and cause more trouble?

All in all, this was a great episode. It advanced the plot, along with the storylines of several characters, and threw in a few unexpected twists — like a possible romance between Faith and Mike!

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