See Photos from the First Scenes Filmed for ‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9

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Season 9 of “When Calls the Heart” officially kicked off filming in Canada on July 21. The cast and crew have been sharing photos of the first scenes filmed for Hallmark’s hit series, along with behind-the-scenes stories.

Here’s a look at some of the photos that have been shared so far.

This article will have minor spoilers for “When Calls the Heart” season 9.

Joseph Fixes Lucas’s Car in His First Scene

One of the first scenes of season 9 involves Joseph Canfield (portrayed by Viv Leacock) fixing a car. Director Peter DeLuise shared the photo, explaining that Joseph is working on Lucas’s car in his first season 9 scene.

Leacock wrote on Twitter about the scene: “Always so much fun when @RealPDeLuise directs any scene!! His attention to detail and sense of humor make every day on set so much fun!!! We are back #Hearties!! Here we go!! #Season9WillBeDivine @WCTH_TV @hallmarkchannel.”

Florence & Ned Have a Scene Together

Loretta Walsh, who plays Florence, shared this photo on Twitter below and wrote: “Happy to be back for season 9.” DeLuise explained that the photo was taken during Ned and Florence’s first scene of season 9.

Faith & Molly Have an Early Scene Together

Faith and Molly are definitely back! DeLuise shared this photo from their first scene together in season 9.

Here’s a Look at Elizabeth & Rosemary’s First Scene

DeLuise shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Elizabeth and Rosemary’s first scene together in season 9, which you can see in the tweet above. It looks like they’re having an animated discussion.

The First Scene for Season 9 Is at the School

DeLuise also revealed that the first scene of season 9 (or at least, the first scene they filmed) is at the school. You can see Elizabeth teaching a class at the front of the school in the photo above, along with several children attending.

Erin Krakow Shared a Photo that Sparked a Meme

Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, shared a carefree photo for the first day of filming, which kicked off in Canada on July 21.

Some people were critical of the photo, and one fan replied to them, advising Krakow: “Don’t let the Prude Patrol get you down! You are pure class.”

Another fan asked if the photo she shared was her “Sexy Elizabeth pose” and Krakow replied: “Nope. It’s my ‘Happy Erin’ pose. If YOU find it sexy though…thanks?”

To combat the negativity she was getting for her photo, Krakow tweeted: “I will happily retweet your photos emulating my happy pose. Get out those cameras! Let’s spread some levity! #PitPic”

This sparked memes and photos of people posing with their heads pointed at their armpits, just like Krakow.

Other fans shared other pit-related photos that Krakow then retweeted, like this one:

The Cast Shared Fun Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The cast shared more fun behind-the-scenes photos, as they expressed their excitement about being back together again.

Johannah Newmarch, who plays Molly, shared these photos reuniting with Martin Cummins, who has confirmed that Henry’s returning this season.

Jaiven Natt, who plays Robert, shared how much he’s enjoying M&Ms on set.

And Hearties’ favorite couple, Loretta Walsh (Florence) and Hrothgar Matthews (Ned) are also reunited at long last.

Natasha Burnett, who plays Minnie, shared this photo from day one of filming.

Krakow shared this lighthearted photo:


DeLuise, meanwhile, shared some set pictures, including an up-close photo of the saloon’s sign.

He also shared a look at what a lunch break is like on set.

And the special effects department is on the job.

DeLuise also explained that every day of filming starts with a safety meeting.

And here’s a photo of another safety meeting at the church:

DeLuise shared a photo of a “fly swatter,” which is a device they use to create shade while filming.

A lot goes into creating a new season, and it looks like things are off to a strong start.

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