‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9 Photos of Nathan, Lucas & Elizabeth Revealed

Nathan, Elizabeth, and Lucas on "When Calls the Heart."

Crown Media Nathan, Elizabeth, and Lucas on "When Calls the Heart."

While fans eagerly await season 9 of Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” the cast and crew are helpfully providing some behind-the-scenes moments during the long wait. Most recently, photos of Elizabeth, Nathan, and Lucas have been shared.

A Behind-the-Scenes Photo of Lucas Was Shared

Director Peter DeLuise recently shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Lucas from season 9 filming. Chris McNally’s character is back in his office, dressed up in a vest and tie.

Fans replied that they still really want a behind-the-scenes photo of Elizabeth and Lucas together.

One fan wrote: “Absolutely handsome, Elizabeth would say, and Lucas also has a charming personality what more could you want from a men. Now all we need a bts pic of #LucaBeth.”

Another fan shared that they were excited to see more of Lucas’ office. They wrote: “Yes, He is. ☺️ So excited that we’ll see Lucas’s office again. Could Elizabeth explore the place a little more? We are very curious: the photos for example. Thank you Peter for sharing this BTS. 🤗👏”

DeLuise Also Shared a New Photo of Nathan

DeLuise also shared a new photo of Nathan, portrayed by Kevin McGarry. Is his hair a little longer in this new picture?

One fan replied: “One gigantic hunk and one gigantic actor. Give him any script and he will elevate it! Whether dressed in suspenders or tux, in green or blue, as a Cowboy or a Mountie. He is one of the best and most popular leads in HM all on his own, take notice!”

Another fan wrote: “Yes! Kevin joining the cast is why I finally binged the series. I knew he was a good actor, from previous roles, & was interested to see what he brought to the show. I was thrilled that he got to portray the most well rounded, loving, & humble character on WCTH. N is ❤️ the of HV.”

Although not related to Nathan, DeLuise also shared a photo of the first prison transfer wagon scene of season 9, involving other Mounties and Bill.

Several Photos of Elizabeth Have Been Shared

Quite a few photos of Elizabeth, portrayed by Erin Krakow, have recently been shared. Krakow shared this photo that shows Hope Valley in the background on a beautifully sunny day.

One fan replied: “HV’s blue skies & sunshine has nothing on your beauty Erin. You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day 😌❤😍”

Krakow also shared two pictures while they worked on promotional photos for season 9.

One person replied: “Elizabeth has plenty of reasons to smile 😊 Season 9 photo shoots 🙌😍📸.”

DeLuise has also been sharing season 9 filming photos from other cast members too. He shared one of Florence and Molly looking very upset over something that just happened.

Another photo shows Joseph Canfield and his son.

He also shared a close look at the photo that sits behind Bill in his office. He wrote, “Never underestimate the relationship between a Mountie and his horse.”

And it looks like Robert has a new mail bag!

And it looks like these mysterious characters — Spurlock and Walden — are coming back.

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