Hallmark Announces Season 9 Premiere Date of ‘When Calls the Heart’

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Premiere Date

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The Hallmark Channel has finally announced the season 9 premiere date of “When Calls the Heart.” The series will be premiering later than it has since season 2.

‘When Calls the Heart’ Returns on March 6

“When Calls the Heart” is returning on Sunday, March 6, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central/9 p.m. Pacific, ET Online reported.

ET Online also shared a synopsis for the new season: “Hope Valley is in a state of growth, with the foundry’s progress and the evolution of key relationships.  The Mayoral race has the town buzzing with a few members of the town running against one another. Elizabeth and Lucas focus on their relationship beyond courtship, and as she gets to know Lucas better, she learns about his past which gives Elizabeth pause about their future.”

As of the time of this article’s publication, it’s still not clear why Hallmark’s website currently lists February 27, 8 p.m. Eastern, as the first date of “When Calls the Heart.” February 27 falls on a Sunday in 2021, and the date was just added to the website on January 4. You can read more about this mysterious addition in Heavy’s story here. Hallmark did not respond to Heavy’s inquiry about the date.

Ever since season 3, the show returned in February. Season 3 debuted on February 21, 2016. Season 4 debuted on February 19, 2017. Season 5 debuted on February 18, 2018. Season 6 debuted on February 24, 2019. (It then went on hiatus briefly to edit Lori Loughlin out of some episodes.) Season 7 premiered in February 2020. Season 8 premiered on February 21, 2021. Season 9 will be the show’s latest premiere in years, with a return date of March 6.

In a Twitter post from July, executive producer and co-creator Brian Bird revealed that season 9 is going to have 12 episodes, just like season 8 did. Most seasons prior to that only had 10 episodes each at the most. Season 9, just like season 8, skipped what used to be an annual Christmas movie for the series. However,  “When Hope Calls” did air a Christmas special on GAC Family.

New Characters Are Joining Season 9 & Others Are Leaving

Amando Wong is joining the cast as Mei Suo. Wong told ET Online that her character is “strong and intelligent, loves animals and is super passionate.”

Mei Suo appears to catch Nathan’s eye in a new promo video that you can see here.

Hyland Goodrich is also joining the cast, and will be replacing the Taylor Twins (Lincoln and Gunnar) as Little Jack, Elizabeth’s son.

Erin Krakow, who stars as Elizabeth and is an executive producer for the show, told ET Online about Goodrich: “Hyland has brought so much joy and laughter to Hope Valley. He’s a natural in front of the camera and his improvisations had us all grinning! We can’t wait for the Hearties to fall in love with Hyland’s performance, as we have.”

If you want to learn more about what to expect in the new season, you can see Heavy’s story about all the sneak peek videos here.

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