‘When Calls the Heart’ Sneak Peek Might Hide Secret Lucas vs Nathan Clue

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The Hallmark Channel shared a sneak peek for the Season 8 finale of “When Calls the Heart.” But fans think they might have noticed a big clue in the video that is easily missed, and it could point to Elizabeth’s final choice. First, we’ll share a general overview of the trailer below, followed by a look at what fans are talking about.

This article will have minor SPOILERS for Season 8 Episode 12, the season finale of “When Calls the Heart,” based on what fans have seen in a Hallmark and a Canadian trailer. 

The Hallmark Channel Shared a Sneak Peek for the New Episode

The Hallmark Channel also shared a sneak peek of the next episode, which you can watch below or at this link.

Sneak Peek – The Kiss – When Calls the HeartElizabeth has finally realized who she’s supposed to be with. Big changes are coming to Hope Valley. The town rallies together to say goodbye and good luck to one of their own.2021-05-03T02:00:05Z

For the sneak peek, we see Elizabeth looking at an advance galley proof of her book “A Single Mother on the Frontier.” She reads the book cover and seems peacefully happy about her accomplishment. Then she looks over at a picture on her desk of her and Jack, and the troubled look we’ve become so familiar with passes over her face again.

Her gaze turns to the ring on her finger. As she touches the ring, she looks over at the photo of her and Jack again. And ever so slowly, she removes the ring from her finger and takes a deep breath.

Viewers Think Elizabeth Might Have a Letter Addressed to Lucas Next to the Book

Some viewers think that you can just barely make out a letter addressed to Lucas that she’s written, sitting right next to her advance proof of her book.

What do you think? Here are screenshots of the letter in question.

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Her Outfits Might Also Provide a Clue About Her Choice

One can also gather clues about when this sneak peek might take place based on what she’s wearing.

In the sneak peek when she takes off her ring, she’s wearing a long-sleeved off-white blouse with a V-neck top.

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Now compare this with the two other trailers that have been released.

When she goes to speak to Nathan and Lucas in those trailers, she’s wearing a different outfit. She’s wearing a lilac-colored coat and a lilac-colored top with a different collar than what she’s wearing when she takes off her ring.

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She’s wearing this same outfit when she’s walking resolutely through the town.

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But the trailer from Super Channel Heart & Home in Canada offers us more clues. You can watch it in the video below or at this link.

When she’s running down the town street looking upset, she’s wearing a camel-colored coat and an off-white skirt. This is likely also when she’s wearing the off-white shirt seen when she’s taking off her ring. So she’s either seen running down the street slightly before or after she takes off her ring.

Super Channel Heart & Home

This is from the same scene that creator Brian Bird tweeted about.

Of course, if Elizabeth did write a letter to Lucas, it could mean anything. It could just be a thank you letter for helping with the book, it could be a letter declaring her love, or it could even be a letter telling him goodbye.

Everything is still up in the air when it comes to the finale, but what fans noticed about the letter, coupled with her different outfits in the finale, certainly leave some tantalizing clues.

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