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Gracyn Shinyei, who plays Emily on Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” was recently injured. She shared on social media that she hopes she can still film for “When Calls the Heart” this season, but she’s not sure.

Shinyei Needed Surgery for Metal Plates After Her Playground Injury

Shinyei shared on Instagram that she was injured on the playground and needed surgery. She’s not sure if this will affect her ability to film for season 9.

Shinyei wrote: “Not a great night at the playground last night. In to surgery in 15 min for some metal plates. Hope I can still film @wcth_tv Could have been much worse so I am grateful for that. Thanks to my bestie @julia_irelandd for calling for help and being there for me.”

Pascale Hutton (Rosemary) responded: “🙏🏽 ❤️.”

Andrea Brooks (Faith) replied: “Glad you’re okay sweet Gracyn! ❤️🙏.”

Ava Sleeth replied: “Oh my gosh Gracyn! I can’t like this post!! I hope you are ok! Sending all my love 😢❤️.”

On Twitter, Jaiven Natt replied: “wow! Glad u are doing ok! Hope surgery is ok … wishing you a speedy recovery!”

Carter Ryan tweeted: “Woah sad to hear this !! Hope the surgery went well and you feel better soon so you can get back to doing everything again and filming too”

She’s been featured in some tweets and photos while filming the new season.

On July 18, she tweeted that she couldn’t wait to be back and filming for the new season.

In November, she shared a photo of her cast members in their crew gift pajamas, right before leaving the set after filming.

She also shared another cast photo from season 8.

She Has Played Emily for 63 Episodes

According to IMDb, Shinyei has portrayed Emily on the series for 63 episodes. Emily Montgomery is one of Elizabeth’s students and Cat Montgomery’s youngest child, the WCTH wiki shared. Since season 1, she’s appeared in every season of the series. Chelah Horsdal portrays her mother, Cat, and hasn’t been on the series since 2014, according to IMDb.

In July, Shinyei posted on Instagram that she was excited to be back and filming season 9 of the series.

She wrote: “So happy to be back filming season 9 of @wcth_tv #hearties But… is this WCTH? You tell me. There is a small clue or two. This photo was taken last night.”

She later revealed the house she took a photo of wasn’t part of the set, but a 1905 old schoolhouse where she stays sometimes in between filming for the series. In answer to a question she wrote, “My family was there including my dog and the host family (our dear dear friends). No TV, just limited internet.”

Shinyei’s a high-demand actor. She also starred as Young Kate in “Batwoman” from 2019-2021. She’s shared photos from her time on “Batwoman” on Instagram, including this picture:

Her credits also include “Dorg Van Dango” (Voulez for 44 episodes), “The Man in the High Castle” (Amy for 25 episodes), “A Taste of Summer,” “Snowcapped Christmas,” “Show of Hearts,” “Supernatural,” “A Cookie Cutter Christmas,” “Jingle All the Way 2,” and more.

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