‘When Hope Calls’ Christmas Movie in the Works

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Fans of Hallmark’s “When Hope Calls” have been waiting a long time to hear news about a possible second season. But instead of a new season, unexpected news about a Christmas movie has quietly surfaced. While the movie isn’t guaranteed to happen until filming officially starts, it looks like a film is already on an upcoming production list.

Production Weekly’s New Issue Lists a ‘When Hope Calls’ Christmas Movie

Production Weekly’s new issue, released on August 26, lists “When Hope Calls” as being part of Hideway Pictures’ upcoming production plans in the North Bay, Ontario, region of Canada. Another movie, called “Jingle Bell Princess,” is also listed for Hideaway Pictures.

On August 15, Hideaway Pictures shared a Facebook post about Michael Landon and hinted that news about “When Hope Calls” was coming soon.

Hideaway Pictures wrote: “The great Michael Landon. Can anyone tell me how this icon is connected to #WhenHopeCalls? Looking forward to getting back to Brookfield. News on what’s next, coming soon!! #HollywoodUpNorth #Hearties.”

The Production Weekly listing didn’t mention a filming start date or a director. But if filming starts soon then that will likely still coincide with a 2021 release. An official announcement hasn’t yet been made by Crown Media or anyone involved with the series. However, in May 2021, creator Brian Bird did mention that they were working on a plan for the series.

A fan wrote: “I wish @hallmarkchannel would make season two of #WhenHopeCalls to go with this book. Such a lovely series and still no announcements #Hearties #Hopefuls #Meandyou4season2 @HMNow”

Bird wrote: “Stay tuned for news. We’re working on a plan.”

The Fate of a Christmas Movie for ‘When Calls the Heart’ Isn’t Known

At this point, whether or not “When Calls the Heart” is having a Christmas movie this year still isn’t known either. The Twitter account @SleepyKittyPaw speculated that a “When Hope Calls” movie might replace a “When Calls the Heart” Christmas movie, but this was just a guess.

Officials with “When Calls the Heart” haven’t yet said anything about a Christmas movie. In a Twitter post, creator Brian Bird revealed that season 9 is going to have 12 episodes, just like season 8 did. Most seasons prior to that only had 10 episodes each at the most.

The new season began filming in Canada on July 21.

When asked during an Instagram q&a about the return of “When Calls the Heart,” Erin Krakow shared that the series will return in “probably February 2022!” But no one has revealed if the series is going to have a Christmas movie or not. Although it didn’t have one last year due to the pandemic, it’s had Christmas movies before 2020.

“When Hope Calls” originally aired on Hallmark’s streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now, rather than on The Hallmark Channel. However, it later re-aired its entire first season on The Hallmark Channel in February 23, 2020. This also corresponded with the release of a book based on the series. In April 2021, Super Channel Heart & Home in Canada aired a marathon of Season 1 too.

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