Where Was ‘When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas’ Filmed? See Cast Stories

When Hope Calls Season 2

Crown Media When Hope Calls Season 2

GAC Family is premiering the second season of “When Hope Calls” on Saturday, December 18, at 8 p.m. Eastern. The premiere will feature two back-to-back episodes called “A Country Christmas.” Read on to learn all about where the Christmas special was filmed and the cast involved.

“When Hope Calls” is the spinoff series of “When Calls the Heart” on Hallmark. The spinoff airs on GAC Family.

‘When Hope Calls’ Was Filmed in Ontario, Canada

“When Hope Calls” was filmed in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, Carter Ryan shared with CelebMix in an interview. During the “When Hope Calls” Christmas special, the producers also shared that parts of the episode were filmed in Powassan, Ontario, Canada. The two locations are just about 22 miles away from each other. The special was filmed in October.

Kohan shared this photo of “the beginning of Fred’s set dog career.”

These first two episodes take place as Brookfield prepares for a Christmas festival that’s one of three contenders for Harper Bazaar’s “Country Christmas Town,” ET reported.

Here are more behind-the-scenes photos that Kohan shared.

Hatanaka replied, joking, “Damn. We are the coolest. 😂”

Kohan said it was like “no time has passed at all!”

Liam McDonald shared a series of photos from North Bay, Ontario, in October when they were wrapping filming.

He also shared photos comparing season 1 to season 2 after a two-year break.

He shared photos of the adorable set dogs, and said that one might make a guest appearance.

Wilson is one of the dogs of Brookfield.

Carter Ryan, who is returning in his role as Abigail’s son, said he was excited to work with the kids of Brookfield.

Hatanaka said he was happy to “pop up north” and where his red serge again.

Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos.

And a behind-the-scenes photo of Lissing.

Jacklyn Collier shared this photo from the set.

And here’s a video from the set.

This video shows the stagecoach arriving.

Meet the Cast

Many cast members are returning for the back-to-back episodes. The cast members include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Ryan-James Hatanaka as Mountie Gabriel Kinslow.
  • Kyana Teresa will play a new character in Brookfield. She previously starred in the last season of “Good Witch” as Zoey.
  • Morgan Kohan as Lillian Walsh.
  • Carter Ryan as Abigail’s son, Cody.
  • Jefferson Brown as Joe Moody
  • Hanneke Talbot as Maggie Parsons
  • Lori Loughlin as Abigail
  • Daniel Lissing as Jack
  • Wendy Crewson as Tess Stewart
  • Neil Crone as Ronnie Stewart

The synopsis for Episode 1 reads:

In the World Premiere of When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, Part 1, a Christmas festival worthy of Harper’s Bazaar happens in Brookfield as the community is one of three contenders in the magazine’s search for America’s #1 Country Christmas Town. The entire town is preoccupied with creating the essence of Christmas for the photojournalist’s lens, though, behind the scenes, residents are not living the spiritof the season. In the midst of the fuss, a stagecoach appears, and out steps Abigail Stanton and her son, Cody who have brought a troubled boy to Lillian’s orphanage.

The synopsis for Episode 2 reads:

In the World Premiere of When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, Part 2, photojournalist Paul Franklin is wrapping his research on the community of Brookfield as a contender for America’s #1 Country Christmas Town. By now, Paul blends in as the town prepares for Christmas Eve. Lillian, the orphans, and Gabriel are running out of options to restore the troubled boy’s hope for better times. Just when all seems lost, a secret Santa appears to fulfill all holiday wishes, and Abigail has a profound conversation with a dear friend from the past. Meanwhile, Paul’s lens is recording every miraculous moment.

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