Where Is ‘Chesapeake Shores’ Filmed?

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We’re well into season 5 of “Chesapeake Shores,” and Hallmark viewers are enjoying getting to look into the lives of the O’Briens all over again. The scenery has been especially beautiful this season, so you might find yourself wondering where the series is filmed. Here are all the details.

The Series Is Filmed on Vancouver Island

Although the series takes place on the coast of Maryland, that’s not where the show is actually filmed. In real life, the show is filmed in Canada — specifically, on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island even has an article on its website advertising the 12 must-visit locations from “Chesapeake Shores.”

In the article, Vancouver Island noted that the Chesapeake Shores flower shop is filmed at Smithford’s Gifts on Qualicum Beach.

The town square cafe scenes are filmed at Bailey’s in the Village Cafe on Qualicum Beach. However, Sally’s Cafe scenes are filmed at Leigh House in Qualicum Beach.

The Palace Bar is filmed at Queen’s Hotel in Nanaimo, which was first established in 1892, Vancouver Island shared.

Cafe exterior shots are filmed at Gabriel’s Cafe in Nanaimo, which is located on Commercial Street and has a beautiful patio open all year.

The many marina scenes are filmed at Fairwinds Marina at Schooner Cove in Nanoose Bay, which is between Lantzville and Parksville north of Nanaimo.

Some scenes at Jess’s Bed and Breakfast were filmed at Milner Gardens & Woodland at Vancouver Island University, Cinemaholic reported.

The O’Briens’ home is filmed at 1574 Stewart Road in Nanoose Bay.

In an interview with Super Channel in September, executive producer Daniel Paulson shared some stories from the filming of season 5. He said that when filming the new season, he had to stay in a hotel for two weeks first because of quarantine requirements, and someone would actually come and knock on his door to ensure he was following all the protocols.

He said: “I am a permanent resident, so I certainly want to obey the rules and had to make sure I did everything correctly. I had another series going at the same time, so it’s like with children, you got to show equal love to both. I was in Vancouver when they finally lifted the quarantine for citizens and permanent residents so that was great. Normally I’m there for the whole period of time, but I just couldn’t go back and forth as I would have liked to.”

He said that Parksville/Qualicum, north of Victoria, is one of his favorite filming locations because of how beautiful the scenery is.

When asked what props he would want if the series were to ever end, Paulson said: “One prop would be the sign from Sally’s as that means a lot. And the second choice would be the DLP sign (Law firm), but definitely the Sally’s sign first.”

He also credited the casting director, Candice Elzinga, for the chemistry the characters have.

“She helped us pick the brothers and sisters and that really put the show together,” he said. “Treat and Diane are very accomplished actors and have been nominated and won all sorts of awards, but these young people they really helped to put this family together… This year there were changes made so it was somewhat different, a different showrunner for starters, who’s done a terrific job. Phoef Sutton is our showrunner, he’s an Emmy award-winning showrunner, and did ‘Cheers’ for a number of years, again the quality of his writing shows.”

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