Where Is Paul Greene (Carson) While ‘When Calls the Heart’ Starts Filming Season 9?

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While cast and crew involved in season 9 of “When Calls the Heart” have been sharing photos from the Canadian set, Paul Greene has been noticeably absent. Where is he and what does his absence mean for Carson’s future on the Hallmark series? At the very least, it looks like he may not be around for the beginning of the new season. Here’s what we know so far.

Paul Greene Has Not Shared Any Photos from the Set, While Other Cast Members Have

Carson left town for a long fellowship when season 8 of “When Calls the Heart” ended, and he and Faith broke up. This has led many fans to wonder what’s going to happen with his character in season 9. So far, there’s no definitive news, but it appears that Greene won’t be around for the beginning of the season, at the very least.

While many other cast members have been sharing photos about arriving on set, Greene’s social media accounts haven’t mentioned filming at all, as of the time of this article’s publication.

Erin Krakow shared a happy photo about being back on set for filming Elizabeth. Chris McNally shared a photo from the set too.

Ava Grace Cooper and Christian Cooper said they were excited to be back and filming for the new season.

Jaiven Natt is back too as Robert.


Andrea Brooks is on set to play the role of Faith again.


Pascale Hutton said she’s ready to dive into season 9.

And the Leacocks are back for filming.

But Greene hasn’t shared anything about filming for the new season and fans are noticing.

Jamestown Movie Set, the account run by people who own the farm where the movie is filmed, responded to a now-deleted tweet mentioning that if he was returning to the show, it wouldn’t be for the beginning of season 9.

They wrote: “He’s been posting photos from Mexico recently, so if he’s returning, it’s not looking like he’s in the beginning of season 9, as he won’t be able to finish his quarantine in time to start filming right away. Just an observation! We could be totally wrong! :)”

Meanwhile, Martin Cummins revealed that he was definitely returning as Henry, even though his character also appeared to be leaving the show for good when the season ended. He’s been sharing photos from the set.

Greene Is Attending a Convention in Nashville at the End of July

While the cast is all gathering in Canada to film the newest season, Greene has been posting on social media from California and talking about appearing in Nashville at the end of July for a convention.

In fact, he just did a series of Instagram live interviews about his upcoming appearance.


Greene is appearing in RomaDrama Live! in Nashville from July 30 to August 1. Trevor Donovan, Ryan Paevey, Eric Mabius, Tyler Hynes, Jesse Metcalfe, and other Hallmark stars will also be there.

One day before this article was published, he posted a photo and tagged it in Los Angeles.

Four days before that, he tagged a video as being in Venice, California, and tagged another in Los Angeles.

So it appears he’s in California, not in Canada where other “When Calls the Heart” actors are gathering. This doesn’t mean he won’t be in the new season. It’s possible that he will be filming later and doesn’t have to join right away.

Meanwhile, another Hallmark actor had to turn down the same Nashville convention because he’ll be filming in Canada and couldn’t do both.

Eric Mabius shared that he couldn’t go to Nashville because COVID restrictions would prevent him from getting back in time to film in Vancouver.

When talking specifically about whether or not he would return, Greene did not give a definitive answer so far.

In a podcast interview with Chris McNally in June, Greene pointed out that it’s normal for it to look like everyone’s leaving at the end of a “When Calls the Heart” season.

“At the end of every season, our characters have to go do something and it’s like Martin’s leaving … Claire and Jesse are leaving on a vacation … everyone exits, leaves Hope Valley so they can come back,” he said. “When we start a new season, we start off with something that has happened and now they’re here.”

Greene added that he hasn’t spoken with showrunner John Tinker yet, so he has no idea what’s in store for his character Carson next season.

“I haven’t personally spoken with John,” he shared. “We just never know what’s going on. … I mean, we think we know, but there’s a lot of … even if I did know, I probably wouldn’t share it at this point because I haven’t been cleared or whatever. … I can’t clearly say I’ll be back next year and I can’t clearly say that I won’t.”

At this time, it’s still unclear if Carson is returning for season 9 or not, but it looks like he won’t be around for the beginning of the season at the very least.

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