Why Did Jesse & Clara Leave ‘When Calls the Heart’?

Jesse and Clara on When Calls the Heart.

Crown Media Jesse and Clara on When Calls the Heart.

Jesse and Clara have left “When Calls the Heart” and won’t be in season 9. The news was announced in trailers, but fans who didn’t see the trailers might just be learning during the season 9 episode 1 premiere on Hallmark. Here’s what we know about why the characters left and what the actors Aren Buchholz and Eva Bourne are doing next.

The Characters Left for a Homestead in Montana

Jesse and Clara’s departure is likely a big surprise to some fans, considering how central the couple was to the season 8 plot. The season 8 finale began with Nathan finding Jesse after he had disappeared overnight and was caught in the storm. And much of season 8 revolved around Jesse losing the couple’s savings through a bad investment with Wyland. He got the money back in the finale too.

Erin Krakow Interview 2 (#Hearties, When Calls the Heart S9)Season 9 is almost here and we were delighted to talk to the Queen of the Hearties actress Erin Krakow Follow Erin on twitter at twitter.com/erinkrakow Follow Erin on instagram instagram.com/erinkrakow/?hl=en For all our coverage of When Calls the Heart youtube.com/watch?v=Ucc82g5OGQs&list=PLXv4sBF3mPUAAf-YAEPZL-Hukd-Ej9rrA For all our interviews youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXv4sBF3mPUA_0JZ2r5fxhTRE_-RChCj5 Follow us on ITunes itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hallmarkies-podcast/id1296728288?mt=2 twitter.com/HallmarkiesPod on twitter @HallmarkiesPodcast…2022-03-01T07:00:04Z

In an interview with the Hallmarkies podcast, Erin Krakow (who portrays Elizabeth on the series) briefly touched on why the characters left the show.

“They’re homesteading,” Krakow said. “Their characters are homesteading somewhere as newlyweds but they’re not in Hope Valley with us this season. We miss them.”

A sneak peek before the season premiere also gave the same revelation. This will likely air during episode one.

You can watch the video at this link. The reveal happens while Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) is spending time with Minnie (Natasha Burnett), Joseph (Viv Leacock), Angela (Vienna Leacock), and Cooper (Elias Leacock.)

Angela asks, “Where are Jesse and Clara?”

Joseph replies, “Homesteading in Montana.

Cooper asks, “Why did they move so far away?”

Joseph says that the opportunity was hard to pass up.

Bill then reads a letter from Clara, where she wrote: “Jesse’s digging another well since the first one dried up. Neither of us can remember the last time we saw a drop of rain, but our spirits remain high and we’re happy. Well, time to milk Mags, our goat. Please say hello to everyone, love Clara.”

The Showrunner Had Planned to Delve Deeper Into the Couple’s Issues in Season 9

It wasn’t always part of the plan for Jesse and Clara to leave in season 9.

Showrunner John Tinker and his wife, Ronda Rich, did a Q&A about the show on Facebook on April 15, before the season 8 finale aired. They answered questions from fans about season 8. Around 25:45 in the video, Tinker talked about how what happened to Jesse’s missing money was going to be revealed, which happened later in season 8. Tinker also talked about how he and Bourne discussed that they need to dive deeper into Jesse and Clara’s marital issues if the show is renewed for a ninth season.

Tinker said at the time: “If we have another season … yes, we absolutely have to do deal with that. The marital strife as it stands now … between the two of them is manageable, but it’s got to be addressed and it will be addressed. So please watch the show.”

Buchholz Is Starring in a New Show on Syfy

When season 8 ended, Buchholz appeared to be planning to return. His tweets included a tweet in May thanking Hearties for the season. He signed it: “See you next year!”

But now the actor is starring in a new series that will be airing on Syfy, Deadline reported. The series is called “Reginald the Vampire,” based on the “Fat Vampire” book series. It’s labeled a “dramedy” and Buchholz is one of the stars. It’s set to premiere sometime this year.

Buchholz stars as Todd, the main character’s manager where he works at a place called Slushy Shack. Also starring are Jacob Batalon, Mandela Van Peebles, Em Haine, Savannah Basley, Marguerite Hanna, and Georgia Waters.

Buchholz is also listed as starring on “Heatwave” as Lane in 2022.

Bourne Is Starring in a Miniseries, ‘Devil in Ohio’

Bourne, meanwhile, has a new series of her own called “Devil in Ohio.” She will be starring as Gina in at least five episodes, according to IMDb. The synopsis reads, “Follows a hospital psychiatrist who shelters a mysterious cult escapee, her world is turned upside down as the strange girl’s arrival threatens to tear her own family apart.”

The series will air on Netflix and also stars Emily Deschanel, Alisha Newton, Sam Jaeger, Tahmoh Penikett, Stacey Farber, Madeleine Arthur, Samantha Ferris, Marci T. House, Keenan Tracey, Bradley Stryker, Ty Wood, Gerardo Celasco, and more.

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