Why Is Jack Turner (Ben) Bald on ‘One Perfect Wedding’?

Why is Ben bald on One Perfect Wedding?

Crown Media Why is Ben bald on One Perfect Wedding?

Fans are noticing that Jack Turner, the actor who portrays Ben on One Perfect Wedding, looks very different from when he filmed One Winter Weekend and One Winter Proposal for Hallmark, the two prequels to the new movie. Why is Turner bald now? He talked about the change recently in a podcast interview.

He Said He Shaved His Head Simply Because He Was Losing His Hair

At the time that Turner shaved his head, he marked the occasion on social media with the hashtag #COVIDcut. Some wondered if he had done so because he had been sick or if it was because he couldn’t get a regular haircut due to pandemic lockdowns. But as it turns out, none of those guesses were correct.

He first revealed his style in Instagram posts in April 2020.

He shared an Instagram post on Twitter where he wrote: “Interesting few weeks. 1. Had Covid – totally recovered fortunately. 2. Shaved my head and look like mad max (#covidcut). 3. Am presented with a rare opportunity to help out and volunteer, as the doc’s advice is I…”

The connected Instagram post is no longer online, but Turner recently elaborated on what happened during an interview with the Deck the Hallmark podcast on March 31.

Jack Turner Talks All About The Upcoming #HallmarkChannel Movie: One Perfect WeddingThe boys chat with Jack Turner all about One Perfect Wedding2021-03-31T12:14:29Z

He started off by letting them know, around 2:25 into the interview, that he had shaved his head last year because he was losing his hair and he absolutely loves his new look.
“I was losing my hair so I shaved it,” he shared. “…I’m so glad I did… I’m over the moon about how it feels and happy to have moved on from having hair.”

He Said He Hopes His New Look Will Help Him Get Roles as a Villain

Turner shared that he hopes his new look will help him get roles as villains, which he’s always wanted.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” he said. “I’ve been trying (to play a villain) for years… So watch out. If there is a fourth movie, it could be a real plot twist.”

He later shared more about why he wants to get roles as villains, around 41:13 in the video.

On Stitches I was playing the guy where they didn’t if he was good or bad or not, and I’ve had … a lot of those opportunities that either haven’t quite worked out or they ended up taking him being the good guy a whole lot more than the bad guy. Or they’re like… ‘We think you’re so friendly that just be as friendly as possible and then when the switch happens, it will really take people by surprise.’ … But then there’s like no acting required. … I love bad guy roles. They’re so fun because you have a bit more of a blank sheet to sort of paint with… Often it’s not quite written on the page what’s going on there.

Turner stars in One Perfect Wedding as Ben. He worked for Google for five years and now focuses on acting and music. His credits include The 10 Year Plan, My Summer Prince, Stitchers, D.C. Legends of Tomorrow, Fatherly Obsession, Nosferatu, and more.

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