Happy Valentine’s Day 2021: Best Funny Memes for the Holiday


Happy Valentine’s Day 2021! Whether you have a special someone in your life or you’re single, you’ll likely be interested in sharing the best memes for the holiday. Since we’re all still enduring the pandemic together, and many people may be experiencing some unpleasant weather today, this is the perfect time to be sharing funny memes.

Here Are Some of the Best Funny Memes for 2021

Of course, the Game of Thrones inspired meme featured at the top of this article never gets old. But there are many more funny memes to inspire you for Valentine’s Day and give you a laugh if you really need one.

Let’s start with this meta Game of Thrones meme:


Some memes make fun of the holiday and how maybe love should be avoided.

This is the day when people speak out about their love for others.

The two historical Valentines that are typically identified with February 14 are Valentine of Rome (a priest) and Valentine of Terni (a bishop.) They were both persecuted by emperors and had terrible deaths that eventually got them elected to sainthood.

Despite its dark beginnings, Valentine’s has evolved into a celebration of happiness and love — and humor that can be pretty cringy at times. But no one’s complaining when Einstein is at the center of the meme.


The modern-day Valentine’s began in the 19th Century when mechanical printing making Valentine’s cards more accessible. In some places, February 14 is simply called “love day” or “lover day.” But let’s not make things too complicated. Maybe you can just tell your Valentine this year that you love them like you love Google.

Here’s a meaningful gesture to show your love:

This next post below might be a really great card to share with someone. It has such deep meaning that your significant other is bound to appreciate.

Here’s hoping you got a gift for Valentine’s Day even if your significant other said they didn’t want one.

If you have a pet, that’s reason enough to celebrate. Your dog or cat really loves you, so give them some extra treats today and spend some time playing fetch or chasing a feather wand.

There Are Even Bernie Photos for the Holiday and a Zoom-Cat-Filter Card

Remember the Bernie meme that went viral before the cat lawyer meme? Well, there are even some fun versions for Valentine’s Day.


Someone even made a shirt based on the idea.

You can even get Valentine’s-themed Bernie wine labels.

Maybe you can tell a loved one: “I’ll keep you as warm as Bernie’s mittens.”

Or try the popular “My heart Berns for you” theme.

If Bernie’s not your style, some people have even made Zoom cards for Valentine’s based on the cat lawyer video that went viral earlier this week.

For some people though, the highlight of the holiday is simply buying all the candy that goes on sale on February 15.

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