Windy City Rehab Lawsuit Details and Season 3 Return Info Revealed


In January 2021, Donovan Eckhardt, who co-starred on HGTV’s Windy City Rehab alongside Alison Victoria, filed a $2.2 million lawsuit against Big Table Media and Discovery Inc.

On the reality TV series, contractor Eckhardt and designer Victoria rehab old Chicago homes to their original charm with a modern-day twist. The show has been in production for two seasons, but after season two aired, Eckhardt was not pleased with how the show portrayed him. His lawsuit claimed defamation of character and emotional distress.

Season 2 Drama

In season one, the pair appeared to work well together. However, in season two, issues arose between the stars. The drama between Victoria and Eckhardt was being played out on air until the latter’s exit.

“This is the end with me and Donovan. He’s gone, by his own right, by his own doing,” Victoria says in one episode (h/t People). “I have lost a friend, and I have lost a business partner. But I do know this: This happened for a reason, and I know that I am strong, and I know that I will get through this.”

HGTV’s president Jane Latman discussed the pair’s on-air relationship problems in an exclusive interview with Brian Steinberg of Variety.

“We covered that in a way that we would not have a few years ago, and the ratings skyrocketed,” explained Latman. According to Latman, the show’s producers encouraged the new direction of the series.

The second season didn’t just bring out the internal drama. There were more problems. Lawsuits were filed against both Victoria and Eckhardt. Per her Instagram post below, at least one of Victoria’s lawsuits has been settled.

Read her complete statement below:

Litigations in Eckhardt’s lawsuit are still ongoing but fans of the show might be looking toward the future and hoping to see the series continue. Because of all of the hurdles in Season 2, it makes sense to wonder, will there be a Season 3?

Will There Be a Season 3 of Windy City Rehab?

HGTV did not keep fans waiting long to find out if Windy City Rehab would return. In a February 2021 press release, the network confirmed the show would be returning with nine one-hour episodes, but it’s not a conventional new season.

Season two had only five episodes, and it ended with Victoria feeling the weight of all issues that had befallen her. Per the press release, the new season is an extension of the last and will build on the program’s future. New episodes will continue with Victoria rehabbing Chicago homes and will premiere later this year.

Victoria celebrated the announcement with her own Instagram post.

Notably, the press release did not mention Eckhardt as a part of the production.

Where is Donovan Eckhardt?

Since Eckhardt’s departure during Season two, he is still dealing with legal issues.

In one suit brought against him by Crawford Supply Group, a plumbing supplier, a judge has issued a default ruling in favor of the plaintiff, per the Chicago Sun-Times. Eckhardt will have to pay $11,858.69 and cover the attorney fees of almost $4,000.

Eckhardt has been mostly silent on social media since leaving the show. His last post on Instagram is a picture with his dad in August 2020.

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