Erin Napier Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday With Heartfelt Message

Erin Napier

HGTV / YouTube Erin Napier

Happy Birthday to Mae.

HGTV hosts Erin and Ben Napier celebrated the second birthday of their second daughter, Mae, on May 28, 2023. While both parents shared photos of their toddler on their Instagram stories, Erin also shared a profile post accompanied by a message about their daughter on her special day.

“Two years ago today. Our Mae-bee baby. She’s a little ham, cutting up to make us laugh. She’s a daddy’s girl but also a mama’s girl, depending on who will give her something sweet to eat,” Erin wrote in her post’s caption, “She loves Barbies and airplanes, every color is ‘pink’ if you ask, and don’t you dare pour water on her head in the bathtub! She is talking in full sentences, and always hungry for edamame or ‘um, fries.’ She is Helen’s shadow, echoing her every phrase and step, another trapeze girl in the same purple leotard her sissy wore nonstop for a year. She loves Moana and climbing higher than I’d like. She hugs so tight and gives sloppy wet kisses. My little baby forever.”

Erin Napier is Not the Only HGTV Star Celebrating a Birthday This Week

Erin’s followers, including one of her fellow HGTV co-stars, were quick to join in on celebrating the youngest Napier’s big day.

“Happy 2nd Birthday to Mae….they grow up way too fast ❤️” one user commented.

“Oh your momma’s heart as you tell about your precious little girl! ❤️ Happy Birthday, Mae,” another fan added.

“Happy happy birthday sweet Mae!!” Erin’s “Home Town Takeover” co-star Jenny Marrs wrote in the comment section. Mae’s birthday coincidentally fell on the same day as the “Home Town Takeover” season 2 finale, in which the Napiers, along with Jenny and her husband Dave Marrs, put the finishing touches on their renovation projects around the small town of Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Also by coincidence, Jenny is celebrating the birth of her two oldest children, 13-year-old twins Nathan and Ben, who became teenagers on May 29, one day after Mae Napier’s birthday. Jenny shared a post two days ahead of the twins’ birthday recounting the days leading up to their premature birth and her 48-hour labor process.

Erin Napier’s Daughters Get a History Lesson

The day after Mae’s birthday, the final Monday in May, also marked Memorial Day 2023, a day where Erin and Ben are taking time to teach their daughter’s about their family history.

“Teaching them about their great grandfathers’ generation today. #memorialday 🇺🇸”, Erin wrote in the caption of an Instagram post showing both Mae and her 5-year-old sister Helen holding photos of Erin’s grandfather in military uniform.

Erin has previously opened up about her grandfather’s service, writing in a June 2020 Instagram post that he was “on the minesweeper at Normandy beach that received the first enemy gunfire” and taking time to admire the courage of all involved.

“He was always gentlemanly, smelling of Old Spice after- shave, and his shirtsleeves covered the dark blue tattoos of anchors and serpents that wrapped his biceps, along with a heart around my grand- mother’s name,” Erin continued on in tribute to her late grandfather, “He could cuss like the sailor he was, but the passage of time and the church had smoothed his rough edges by the time he passed in 2004. There’s so much I never asked him.”

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