EXCLUSIVE: Ben & Erin Napier Open Up About Renovating Their New Farmhouse on ‘Home Town’

Ben and Erin Napier

Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Ben & Erin Napier.

Ben and Erin Napier are stepping into a new role on their hit series, “Home Town.” The HGTV stars opened up to Heavy about showcasing their farmhouse renovation.

Expected to air in the fall of 2022, Erin revealed they are “right in the middle” of fixing up their “little getaway house out in the country.”

“We call it a vacation house because we never leave Laurel, and so it’s our, this is our vacation house,” explained Ben.

The Napiers previously revealed to People that they have no plans to move out of their current “dream house,” where they live with their daughters Helen and Mae. They rose to fame renovating houses in their community of Laurel, Mississippi on HGTV’s “Home Town.” The success of the show has led to spinoffs “Home Town Takeover,” “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop” and the upcoming “Home Town Kickstart.”

While they usually unveil the finished product to homeowners, this time they are surprising their moms.

“The producers don’t know this, but our moms saw it a few weeks ago and they were like ‘There’s no way. There’s no way you’re going to finish this on time,’” Ben told Heavy.

Viewers will also get to watch the couple’s friends – Josh Nowell and Jim and Mallorie Rasberry – see the completed home as they help move in furniture.

“They haven’t seen it since we started it,” Ben continued. “We brought them in and gave them a tour when we bought the house and they’re going to come … bring in furniture. We’re going to put them to work and they’re gonna help us move furniture and stuff. And so they’ll get to see it then.”

Erin Shared Sneak Peeks of the Renovations on Instagram

Erin took fans behind the scenes on February 9, 2022, sharing a video of their bathroom mid-renovation. As she captioned the Instagram post, “Our country house work in progress…”

This is not the first time she has shared their plans for the farmhouse.

On January 17, 2022, the 36-year-old shared sketches of new built-in cabinets to her social media. As she wrote, “a tiny peek at my quick sketching for our country house today, adding pantries where once there were none.”

She thanked the architects at Lake + Land Studio, “who always help us problem solve the houses” on “Home Town.”

A few days later Erin shared a mock-up of the girls’ rooms, which will feature a “cousin cubby for sleepovers.”

The final home will be unveiled later in season 6.

The Napiers Partnered with Swiffer WetJet Wood

The Napiers spoke with Heavy while promoting their partnership with Swiffer WetJet Wood. It is “an all-in-one mopping system” for finished wood floors, according to a press release.

Explaining that they have long been fans of the product, Ben said, “There is this myth that the maintenance of wood floors is very hard, that you can’t use Swiffer on them, but they actually have a product that is specifically for wood floors and we’ve been using them since we got married.”

Erin noted that it was a good product for spot cleaning, “specifically under the high chair.”

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