Ben & Erin Napier Return to Their Honeymoon Location

Ben and Erin Napier

Getty Ben and Erin Napier present at The 56th Annual CMA Awards.

Just days ahead of their 14th wedding anniversary, Ben and Erin Napier are returning to their newlywed days. The HGTV stars are on a return trip to their honeymoon location, New York City.

As Erin revealed in a November 15, 2022 post on Instagram, the couple reminisced about their marriage over a steak dinner.

“I’ve been sitting across the table from him for almost 18 years,” she captioned a photo of her husband. “14 years ago, we honeymooned in NYC, and tonight we talked about parenting and remembered who we used to be when we came to this city. It feels so long ago, far away. But I like him still. Really like him. And love him. Feeling really lucky to still get butterflies.”

In some ways, the Napiers’ lives look quite different from those early days of marriage. The two became household names since the debut of “Home Town” in 2016, renovating houses around their community of Laurel, Mississippi. They have opened stores, written a book and even starred in a Christmas movie. Along the way, they also welcomed their two daughters – Helen, 4, and Mae, 1.

As Ben commented, “Glad we can afford to buy each of us steak, but I’d still share mine with you… and Helen… and Mae.”

Helen & Mae Napier Accompanied Their Parents to New York City

Ben and Erin are getting to see the city through childlike eyes, joined by their daughters for their most recent trip. But, the experience has not been without a few bumps.

The “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop” host shared an Instagram video rescuing his eldest daughter’s hat.

“She accidentally dropped her special New York hat out the window when we got here, we could see it but nobody at the hotel could access it,” he captioned the post. “She was so upset, but it’s ok cause her daddy’s a redneck and found a hardware store.”

The video was set to Chris Stapleton’s song, “Joy of my life.”

Responding to a comment, he added, “in the grand scheme of life, it wasn’t a big deal… but… you know how big of a deal it was in that moment.”

The family has taken in some of the sights. Erin shared a photo on Instagram of the girls looking at a tiger in a museum.

As she quoted Helen, “Mama I think that tiger IS real, but it’s a sweet one.”

Erin Napier Celebrated Her 13th Wedding Anniversary With a Look at Their New York City Honeymoon

Erin gave her followers a peek at their original trip to New York City while commemorating their 13th wedding anniversary on November 22, 2021. The graphic designer shared wedding and honeymoon photos, including the duo in Central Park, on Broadway and in Times Square.

“13 years ago we became family then went to NYC for Thanksgiving,” she captioned the Instagram carousel. “Every year on our anniversary week, I’m so very thankful for you and the life we’ve made together. Thank you for loving me.”

Ben also marked the occasion with his own Instagram tribute to his wife. As he wrote, “Happy 13th anniversary to the best one of all time. I love you more than ever.”

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