Ben Napier Turns to Familiar Face for Longtime Injury

Ben Napier

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A familiar face is helping Ben Napier with his longtime shoulder issue. The HGTV star’s wife, Erin, revealed on Instagram that her brother is Ben’s physical therapist.

Ben “started physical therapy this week for a shoulder problem that’s been bothering him for years,” Erin captioned a carousel of clips and photos on January 10, 2023. “I’m coming along on his appointments because I like visiting with his doctor: my big brother, who was brave enough to step out in faith and left the hospital where our dad retired from to became a partner in a physical therapy clinic last year.”

Her brother Clark Rasberry joined Optimal Performance Physical Therapy in Laurel, Mississippi in December 2021, according to the clinic’s Instagram. A May 2022 post revealed he has more than 18 years of experience, “specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation, manual therapy and post-op rehabilitation.”

The “Home Town” host could not hide her sibling pride.

“I can’t tell you what a wonder physical therapy is if you’ve never seen its effectiveness,” Erin continued on Instagram. “The way my brother knows what exercises can heal an injury is like a kind of magic. Like seeing daddy do his work as a young man all over again. Maybe y’all are sentimental about a family profession too? I’ve always loved that the men in mine know how to heal people with their hands.”

Ben and Erin rose to fame renovating homes around their town of Laurel, Mississippi in HGTV’s “Home Town.”

Erin Napier Says Physical Therapy Provides ‘Quality of Life’

Physical therapy runs in Erin’s family. As she revealed in the comments, her dad Phil Rasberry created the physical therapy department at their hospital.

She paid tribute to her dad on Instagram when he retired in 2019.

“Every girl loves and is proud of her daddy I suppose, but mine is extra special,” Erin wrote on Instagram. “For 44 years he has been helping people learn to walk again, or how to play sports again, or how to begin a new life after major surgery.”

The “Home Town Kickstart” star revealed on Instagram that she inherited the skeleton from his clinic.

“This is what I’ve been lucky enough to experience as his daughter, after meeting hundreds of his former patients throughout the years: doctors save lives, but therapists give us quality of life,” she added on Instagram.

Ben & Erin Napier Are Teaming up With Jenny & Dave Marrs on ‘Home Town Takeover’ Season 2

Up next, the Napiers are partnering with Jenny and Dave Marrs to transform Fort Morgan, Colorado in season 2 of “Home Town Takeover.”

“Here we go again!” the 37-year-old captioned an Instagram post. “Fort Morgan, Colorado is getting a #HomeTownTakeover for season 2, and Jenny and Dave are going to help us carry the load so we can do more without losing our collective sanity. BLESS Y’ALL MARRSES.”

The series will follow the couples as they revitalize Fort Morgan through renovations of private residences, public spaces and businesses. The Napiers took over Wetumpka, Alabama in season 1.

The new season is expected to premiere this year.

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