Ben Napier Reveals His ‘Life Goal’

Ben Napier

YouTube/Discovery Ben Napier dressed as Santa Claus on "Home Town: Ben's Holiday Workshop."

What more could Ben Napier want? The HGTV star is a woodworker, host of the successful “Home Town” franchise, a husband and a father of two. As it turns out, he still has one goal he has yet to accomplish.

“He has a retirement plan,” his wife and co-host, Erin, said in a clip obtained by People. “Yes,” Ben confirmed, donning a red Santa suit. “I would call it a life goal. A life plan. … I want to be the Macy’s Parade Santa one day.”

Though, the 38-year-old noted, “Obviously not now. I play a young Santa when I play Santa. My beard hasn’t gone white, but… I’ve got a few, you know, greys in there, a few whites.”

He is not a fan of “the bleached white” look, the “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop” star revealed. He hopes the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade officials can be convinced to have “a salt and pepper Santa.”

Ben Dons a Santa Suit in ‘Home Town: Ben’s Holiday Workshop’

While the chance to close out the parade is a while away, fans can see Ben channel his inner Santa Claus on “Home Town: Ben’s Holiday Workshop.”

People obtained a trailer for the special in October. “’Tis the weeks before Christmas and all through the town, both holiday spirit and projects abound,” he narrates the clip. “With I in my workshop and Erin on design, plus a few special guests means a wonderful time.”

Those special guests include Captain Sig and his daughter, Mandy Hansen, of “Deadliest Catch.” According to a press release, they will help “make special wood creations just in time for Christmas, including a brand new mantle for the workshop that honors the Hansens’ Norwegian heritage.” Erin will also work with Hansen to “give the shop a seasonal overhaul.”

Stephen “tWitch” Boss and his wife, host of “Design Star: Next Gen,” Allison Holker Boss will also join Ben in his workshop. Discovery announced they will “build an interactive wall display for a local children’s center play space” and join Erin to “deck the halls of the children’s center” ahead of a celebration.

Home Town: Ben’s Holiday Workshop” will hit HGTV on December 26, 2021, but is available to stream on discovery+ now.

The Napiers’ Favorite Holiday Tradition Is Pancake Day

In the clip obtained by People, the Napiers reveal their favorite holiday tradition: Pancake Day.

As Erin explained, “It’s a tradition in Laurel, everybody in town lines up together to eat pancakes. All you can eat. And it’s like you just get to see everyone you’ve ever known your whole life while you wait in line and then you get to eat breakfast together.”

“If you’re from Laurel,” her husband noted. “And there’s hot rods.”

On Instagram, she revealed the Kiwanis Club of Laurel hosts the event on ​​the first Saturday in December as a fundraiser for scholarships. “It’s a magical day, and one I want my children to participate in with their children some day,” the graphic designer noted. “Sadly, the Kiwanis Club is shrinking as year follows year and the volunteer base needed to feed 2,000+ guests at the YWCO location is mighty.”

Her rallying cry for volunteers worked and she later updated her post, writing, “we saved pancake day!”

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