Ben Napier Unrecognizable in Old Photo

Ben Napier

Heavy/HGTV "Home Town" star Ben Napier is unrecognizable in a throwback photo posted via Instagram on May 20.

“Home Town” star Ben Napier is unrecognizable in a throwback photo posted via Instagram on May 20. The HGTV star, 39, displayed a photo from when he was in grade school.

Napier’s grade school picture rested against a maroon Laurel Mercantile mug. The photo had a red background, and Napier was wearing a black-and-blue striped T-shirt with blue jeans and aviator-style seeing glasses.

“That time I showed up to picture day knowing I was gonna stunt cause I’d just gotten new eyeglasses just like my granddaddy’s,” he captioned the image. “Lookin fresh to death with my #BugleBoy shirt tucked in.”

The post amassed more than 22,000 likes and over 200 comments.

“This made me literally laugh out loud. Cute little Benjamin,” one fan wrote.

“What a handsome man you turned out to be and a wonderful, smart, caring, husband and father!!” another said. “Way to go!”

“Forgot all about bugle boy shirts. That’s a flashback,” a third person said.

Napier helps revamps houses with his wife, Erin, on HGTV shows like “Home Town,” “Home Town Takeover” and “Home Town Kickstart.” They’ve been on the network since “Home Town” aired for the first time in 2016.

The Napiers have been married since 2008 and have two daughters together: Helen, 2; and Mae, 2 . The couple likes to keep their children’s personal life private and rarely features them on HGTV.

In 2016, the Napiers opened Laurel Mercantile in Mississippi, where they sell American-made apparel, kitchenware, and much more. In November 2022, Erin launched her Scents Library, a candle store dedicated to honoring the connection between scent and memory.

How ‘Home Town’ Will Address Ben Napier’s Surgery

Ben Napier underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff, and his recovery coincided with his recovery.

Even though they were working on five houses for “Home Town” while Ben was hurt, the injury is going to be featured in one episode.

“We’re telling that story on one episode,” Ben said during a stint on Drew Barrymore’s talk show in May. “So you’ll all see it. And Jim who’s on the show, Erin’s cousin, he is my left arm.

“He is doing all the work. You see it on the show. You see him come in and do it and it’s hilarious because he’s a financial advisor and he’s sitting here with these construction guys and he’s doing a great job,” Ben added.

Ben Had Special Nurses Take Care of Him

Erin Napier shared an Instagram post that showed Ben recovering from surgery. He was sitting on the couch and had a bunch of stuffed animals around him. Erin held out a picture done by Helen. It was a bunch of hearts and she wrote her name in crayon on the bottom.

She wrote:

rotator cuff repaired ✅
bone spur shaved off ✅
cartilage trimmed ✅
best nurse in the biz ✅

In a video posted on April 5, Ben shared a video via Instagram that showed his shoulder covered in “special” colorful bandaids. “I’ve got the BEST nursing staff at my house. Gonna be good in no time,” he wrote.

So the doctors said I had to wear a sling and do therapy for seven weeks,” he says at the beginning of the video, panning to his bandaged shoulder. “But I got a secret weapon.”

Erin, who was in the background, said Helen helped select the bandaids. “You’re gonna be fine,” she said, before walking away.

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