Brad Pitt Secretly Purchases $40 Million Home: Photos of the Historic Property

Brad Pitt

Getty Images Brad Pitt at the Producers Guild Awards in 2020.

Brad Pitt has just added a new property to his growing collection of breathtaking homes, sure to make any HGTV fan swoon. The historic home was never listed for sale, but Pitt paid $40 million for it. The Wall Street Journal reported that one of the owners, who bought the home in 1999, passed away in early 2022. Pitt’s team was able to negotiate a private purchase arrangement for the house, which is located in Carmel Highlands, Calif., a five hour drive north from Los Angeles.

Industry insiders say it’s the most expensive home purchase ever in the area, which may be worth it just for the unobstructed view of the sea. In 2004, Pitt told Oprah Winfrey that fixing and decorating homes is a thrill for him. “I love that architecture is this huge art you can be inside. I believe it lifts your soul and affects your mindset,” he said.

Photos of Pitt’s New Property Are Rare

The house Pitt just purchased is an historic property known as the D.L. James House, or “Seaward,” named for its first owner and designed by famed architect Charles Sumner Greene in 1918. According to the Robb Report, the house is built on a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. Building on such a steep, challenging bluff would be challenging even now, so it’s not surprising it took four years to build back in the early 1900s.

The Robb Report, which tracks luxury purchases by the world’s richest people, says Greene opted for locally sourced sandstone and granite instead of wood to build the unique house. The goal was to look like the house is growing right out of the cliff,  with arched windows and an earth-toned roof to give it a “Mediterranean flair.”

Because it’s been privately owned and the sale of the property was done privately, too, interior photos of the D.L. James house from the last 25 years are a rarity. Even photos of the exterior are scarce; there is a collection of dated exterior photos available via Great Buildings, and a handful of photographers and tourists have posted photographs of the house to social media in recent years. Below is a compilation of some of those posts, providing a comprehensive look at Pitt’s new property from various angles…


Pitt Loves Acquiring and Renovating Unique Homes

Watch Brad Pitt Get EMOTIONAL While Renovating a Friend's Home With the Property Brothers'Celebrity IOU' airs Mondays at 9 p.m. PT/ET on HGTV. Exclusives from #ETonline :


In 2020, Pitt proved just how much he loves home design when he appeared on the very first episode of “Celebrity IOU,” working closely with Drew and Jonathan Scott to renovate a garage into a new home studio for his longtime makeup artist, Jean Black. His involvement in every aspect of the home improvement project showed fans a new side of the Oscar winner: one who truly adores creative architecture and efficient designs with meaningful touches.

“If I’m not building, I’m dying,” he said on the show, happy to take a sledgehammer to the garage walls with the “Property Brothers.”

Pitt has purchased and renovated multiple homes over the years. In May 2022, Architectural Digest compiled details on each property Pitt has purchased since 1994, when he bought a $1.7 million mansion in Los Feliz, Calif. Over several years, he purchased four properties around it to expand the grounds. According to Dirt, it now features a 6,692-square-foot Craftsman main house, large swimming pool, private tennis pavilion, and a skate park for his kids.

When he was married to actress Jennifer Aniston, they renovated a French Normandy Revival-style home built in 1934. Their improvements included adding heated marble floors, a bar with wood floors from a 200-year-old French chateau, and a brand-new screening room.

According to Elle Decoration, he also worked with the architecture group GRAFT to renovate a sleek, modern pad in Los Angeles. But when it came to furnishing the home, principal architect Lars Krückerberg, said Brad handled it.

“We didn’t need to lift a finger. Brad is known for his extensive collection of modern designs. He could furnish a museum,” he said.

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