EXCLUSIVE: Carmine Sabatella & Mike Pyle Promise a ‘Bigger & Better’ Season 2 of ‘Inside Out’

Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle

HGTV Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle star in HGTV’s “Inside Out.”

Carmine Sabatella and Mike Pyle are back for a second season of HGTV’s “Inside Out.” The renovation duo teased a “bigger and better” season, speaking with Heavy ahead of the premiere.

They “transform homes as Carmine handles everything from the walls in, and Mike leads all things outside,” according to the series description. “They work together balancing client priorities and budgets to create stunning spaces from the inside out.”

“Inside Out” debuted in April 2021. It will return for an eight-episode second season on Monday, August 1, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on HGTV.

Here is what they said:

On What to Expect in Season 2

The duo promised season 2 will be “more impressive.”

“The budgets are larger. The projects are bigger. The clients are a little bit more confident,” Sabatella told Heavy. He added, “They’re willing to think outside the box and take chances. Mike and I have a little bit more freedom from a creative standpoint. So all in all, I think it’s just a lot more dramatic.”

Pyle added that the new season is “just bigger and better” than their freshman outing.

“Our team and the production team involved kind of know each other more,” he explained. “Just, you know, season 1 was great. But, you know, we all want to improve in everything that we do. And it just it’s going to be more of a refined product for sure.”

On How Their Approaches Changed

Sabatella learned an important lesson during the first season.

“I gave my phone number to everybody, so as soon as I got on set – all the clients – [I’m] like, ‘Here’s my phone number. Here’s my email. If you have any questions or concerns text me immediately,’” he explained. “Because I found that midway through season 1, the clients were a little nervous or apprehensive to reach out to Mike and I that often because they didn’t want to bother us. They didn’t know if it was proper protocol. So this year I’m like, ‘Fire away.’”

As the designer explained, open communication made the renovation process “much easier” for the pair.

On Who Wins More Pitches

In each episode, Sabatella presents his pitch for the interior while Pyle presents his pitch for the exterior. In the end, the client has to decide which plan receives a larger slice of the budget.

So whose pitches win more often?

“Season 1 definitely, you know, Carmine was on the winning end of that for sure,” Pyle told Heavy. “Season 2, it’s pretty balanced. We have bigger budgets, bigger projects. And you know, it’s pretty even keel.”

He added, “It’s so much more exciting of what we’re becoming, more creative or game, you know. Our clients are trusting us a little bit more like Carmine just said. Just we’re having more fun. To be completely honest.”

While they both admitted to being competitive, they put it all aside once the client makes their choice.

“We’re going to hash out, fight for the money in the beginning,” Sabatella explained. “But once that money is distributed, then we come together collectively and we work together as a team. To see it through because it’s going to be a reflection of all of us in the end, regardless.”

On Homeowners Should Consider Before a Renovation

Sabatella and Pyle shared their advice for homeowners embarking on a renovation, emphasizing the importance of planning.

“Are you going to need an architect and a structural engineer involved? So that’s number one, you got to get on that right away and then just get those plans in place before you break ground,” Sabatella advised. “And go to the city and find out what the timeline looks like. Because I know people who have started demoing their home before they know how long it’s going to take to get their permits. And then all of sudden, it takes eight months to get their permits and they’re sitting there with nowhere to live or sleep.”

He also emphasized picking focal points and building from there.

“In every room, there’s going to be that one wow factor,” Sabatella said. “So for kitchens, for example, is it the backsplash? Is it the countertops, the cabinets or is it the appliances that you want to really stand out? So you figure out when you do your budget what items you want to splurge on and then you kind of build down from there and you make it work within your budget.”

It is a little easier to plan out an exterior renovation. Pyle explained that it is often more cost-effective to do all major renovations in the interior at once. But landscaping can be done in sections.

“Once you have a plan in place if you can’t tackle everything at once, you can phase it out and have it fit your budget appropriately,” Pyle told Heavy. “I just feel like it’s so much easier on the exterior to do so. And that’s, you know, that’s sometimes why I don’t get the lion’s share of the budget because it is easy to implement things after the fact for landscape.”

On Designing Tips

While viewers can catch Sabatella’s designs on new episodes of “Inside Out,” he shared his tips for planning your own redecoration.

As a real estate agent, he advises his clients to determine if their home is temporary or permanent.

“If this is a temporary home – meaning if this is like a two, three, four or five, six-year plan, maybe even eight-year plan – then you know go on-trend. Do things that are trendy, have fun with it,” the HGTV host explained. “But if this is like your forever home, you really have to focus on how you can modernize the home but keep it traditional, keep it classic. Because when you start to pull too many things that are too trendy in and then you have to switch them all out when the time comes is very costly. Very, very costly.”

On Appearing in ‘Home Town Kickstart’

Pyle and Sabatella joined forces with Page Turner to help reinvigorate Minden, Louisiana on “Home Town Kickstart.” The trio renovated a home and a restaurant.

They called the experience “amazing” and “feel-good.”

“We were fortunate enough to be involved with Page Turner, who just, I mean, she’s probably one of the best people that. I think I can speak for Carmine, she was just so much fun, so lovely,” Pyle explained. He added that “It was really special. I mean, there were, there were some tears for sure. It was we had a really great time.”

Pyle said working with Turner made him more comfortable. “I definitely grew, you know, just meeting another, a different production team. Being on a different set. … Page is like, I mean, she’s amazing. You turn the camera on and that woman is like there and she’s killing it.”

Sabatella concurred. He said the couple of weeks they spent there were “just overwhelmingly warm and heartfelt. I was going through a little tough time. I had a death in my family. And I have to be honest, it was the best place I could have been. It was just everyone was so beautiful. And so thankful, appreciative of everything that we were doing, it was very cool.”

After helping create a live-work space during their home renovation, Sabatella took home some tips and tricks to hide eyesores. “I learned that there are ways to tweak things where you can hide stuff,” he explained. “So little trapdoors seemingly looks like cabinetry.”

On Filming During a Pandemic

Sabatella and Pyle agreed that filming during a pandemic has its challenges.

“I’m just going to say it’s no different for us than it is for anyone else,” Sabatella explained. “I mean, we’re dealing with lagging time on our plans going to plan check with the city, just availability of contractors, you know, material, material availability delivery. You know, so yeah, it’s been very challenging.”

On Their ‘Rock the Block’ Hopes

Having previously served as judges, Sabatella and Pyle have hopes of competing on “Rock the Block” one day.

“I dream about it every day,” Pyle admitted. “I’m not going to lie. They’ve yet to have someone that’s experienced on landscape. … It would be so fun for Carmine and I to do that show and just show the world that we can really do it. With that nice budget, we limited at times, you know, on our show, and I feel like that was really a platform to show the world what we can do.”

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