Terry Crews’ Driver Says ‘Celebrity IOU’ Renovation Was Literally ‘Life-Saving’

Terry Crews Celebrity IOU

HGTV Terry Crews, along with Drew and Jonathan Scott, on "Celebrity IOU"

Grab your Kleenex for the next episode of HGTV‘s “Celebrity IOU,” as Drew and Jonathan Scott work with TV personality Terry Crews to transform the backyard of a man who works as his personal driver but has become an extended member of his family. Premiering on November 28, 2022, the twins reveal that the massive renovation was inspired by Frank’s incredible weight loss journey and aims to serve as motivation to keep him alive and kickin’.

Terry Crews Aims to Help His Friend & Driver Lose More Weight

Terry Crews on Celebrity IOU

HGTVTerry Crews, along with Drew and Jonathan Scott, on HGTV’s “Celebrity IOU”

In the new “Celebrity IOU” episode entitled “Terry Crews’ Outdoor Upgrade,” the actor, producer, author, and former pro athlete describes his family’s personal driver Frank with great emotion.

“I’m actually getting a little choked up just talking about it,” Crews admits, clutching his chest, “’cause Frank is like my older brother to me, a father figure to the kids. He cares for us like we were his own family.”

Though he’s only been the Crews’ family’s driver for a year, the “America’s Got Talent” host says he knows Frank will be part of their family forever. In the episode, Crews reveals that because he has spent so much time chatting in the car with Frank, he quickly learned a lot of intimate details about his life — including the fact that Frank started being a professional driver after retiring from a stressful career, during which he gained so much weight he tipped the scales at 560 pounds.

When Frank told Crews that he hopes to lose another 80 pounds, the fitness aficionado got the idea to transform Frank’s backyard into a wellness oasis, complete with an “immersive poolside gym” with top-of-the-line workout equipment and a modern outdoor kitchen. So he called in the “Property Brothers” for help.

“This man loves you so much, and just thinks you are the most incredible, giving human being,” Jonathan tells Frank as they surprise him at his home, who’s at a “loss for words” over the surprise.

“If you’re in the right environment, you’ll achieve what you’re setting out to do,” Crews says during the episode. “And I realized, man, I have the means to give him the environment that’s gonna make him reach his goals.”

After four weeks of renovations, Frank is overcome with emotion as the foursome tours his giant backyard transformation, and repeatedly calls it “life-saving.”

“It’s motivational,” Frank says after seeing all of the ways Crews and the Scott brothers provided ways for him to build his strength and continue losing weight. “I’ve been climbing that hill for many years. And to be able to take it over the hill, one more step, so that I can physically feel better about myself? It’s life-changing and life-saving, it really is.”

Terry Crews and Drew Scott Go Shirtless During ‘Celebrity IOU’ Episode

Terry Crews on Celebrity IOU

HGTVTerry Crews joins Drew and Jonathan Scott on “Celebrity IOU.”

At one point during the new “Celebrity IOU” episode, Crews decides he wants to do the renovations shirtless. When Drew asks the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star if he’s ever used a jackhammer, he replies, “Ah, no I haven’t. This is good, but you know what, I want to do it shirtless.”

Not to be outdone, Drew decides to strip down, too — but Jonathan decided to keep his shirt on.

“I’m a little disturbed by the random shirtless jackhammering that Terry Crews and Drew would constantly be doing,” Jonathan told Access Hollywood. “Who carries baby oil around all the time?”

“Terry Crews, me…” Drew responded. “Not as impressive when I did it, but we sat there, you know, a little pec popping. You know, whatever! You gotta be inspired by Terry — he has abs on abs!”

The new episode of “Celebrity IOU” airs on HGTV on November 28 at 9 pm Eastern and Pacific.

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