Chelsea & Cole DeBoer Face Off in Design Competition

Cole and Chelsea DeBoer

HGTV / YouTube Cole and Chelsea DeBoer

HGTV is getting in the holiday spirit. The network shared a December 7 video on its YouTube channel that featured “Down Home Fab” hosts Chelsea and Cole DeBoer competing to design the best gingerbread house. The competition was hosted by the couple’s daughter Aubree (whom “Teen Mom” fans have seen on their screens since she was a baby). “They have 30 minutes to create the best gingerbread house they can,” Aubree said, with the only rule being they couldn’t sabotage the other’s house.

Before the competition, Cole said he had no plan and would let the “ideas just come to me as I go,” while Chelsea planned to “make her look pretty, and do my best.”

Fans Voted on the Winning Gingerbread House

During the 30-minute competition, Cole couldn’t help but eat some of his ingredients as he went. After 10 minutes had elapsed, Aubree began adding twists, telling her parents they had to use every candy available in their decorations, and that they were both being “boring.”

Chelsea hit some trouble in the eleventh hour when the frosting on the front of her house started melting, causing one of her gumdrops to fall off the facade. Once the time was up, Aubree went to announce the winner, but decided in another twist, that she would be the winner. She then produced a third completed gingerbread house that she said she made “in my free time just to prove to both of you that I am better.”

HGTV shared a clip of the video on their Instagram page, letting fans comment on which of the parents’ homes won the competition, and users were split.

“Cole BUT I DO love the gum drops & gold glitter on chels’ roof lol” one user wrote.

“I say Cole. My 12 year old votes Chelsea. 🤷🏼‍♀️” another fan added.

“I think like them both! This is hard! But I’ll go with Chelsea’s!” a third fan commented.

Many user comments also pointed out the fact that Aubree used DeBoer as her last name in the video and called Cole her dad. Cole is not Aubree’s biological father, however he has been with Chelsea since Aubree was around five years old, and has previously spoken about wanting to adopt her.

“After ‘I’m Aubree DeBoer, this is Cole DeBoer, my dad..’ I lost it. 😭 that is the best part” one user commented on Instagram.

“Okay for one this is such a cute video. Secondly have I been living under a rock? Saying Deboer as her last name just had me choked up. This video is pure joy. Your family is amazing ❤️ 🥺” another fan added.

“She called him her dad ❤️ ❤️ 😭” a third user wrote.

The DeBoers Share a ‘Controversial’ Holiday Opinion

HGTV shared another post featuring Chelsea and Cole on November 30 where the couple shared a controversial opinion.

“In our house, we don’t make eggnog,” Cole said, “I think it’s gross. What do you guys think? Who likes eggnog?”

“My sister,” Chelsea said through a laugh, “My sister loves eggnog.”

“One person. Anyone else?” Cole countered.

Fans came in to support eggnog in the comments, with one user writing, “LOVE eggnog with an espresso shot !! Yes 👏winner winner chicken dinner !!! 🤣🤣🤣” and another adding, “I absolutely love eggnog, and all my kids and family love it. As soon as we see it around Halloween, we’re all buying it. Yummy.”

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