Christina Hall Addresses ‘8 Million Questions’ From Fans About Having a Baby

Christina Hall

Hallmark/YouTube Christina Hall on HGTV's "Christina in the Country"

Christina Hall says she has so much on her plate — including her HGTV shows, design projects, homes in California and Tennessee, and three kids — that she has no interest in adding a new baby into the mix. But saying so in the past hasn’t kept fans from continually asking whether she and her third husband, Josh Hall, hope to expand their family. In an Instagram Live session last week, Christina and Josh tried to address the “eight million questions” she’s received about a possible pregnancy while describing how tiring their life with kids, animals and no assistant can be.

Christina & Josh Hall Say They’re Too Busy for a Baby

Christina and Josh Hall with kids

GettyChristina and Josh Hall with kids Brayden, Taylor and Hudson in January 2023

When Christina, 39, married Josh, 41, a former police officer and real estate broker, in early 2022, he became stepdad to her three kids. She shares 12-year-old Taylor and seven-year-old Brayden with her first husband and former “Flip or Flop” co-star Tarek El Moussa, and three-year-old Hudson with her second husband, TV host Ant Anstead.

During an Instagram Live session on February 2, 2023, which has been reviewed by Heavy, the couple revealed the questions they receive most often from fans. Sitting near the pool at their home in Newport Beach, California, Christina said she’s frequently asked about having a baby with Josh despite having already said she’s not interested.

In January, she told People magazine, “I can’t even imagine that. I think my head would fall off. We’re happy with the three. We’re good.”

During her Instagram Live last week, she reiterated that stance.

“We’ve had like 8 million questions about us having a baby,” she said. “Sorry guys! Ship’s sailed. No more babies!”

Josh chimed in, “Good for other people who want to have ’em at this age. I’m happy they have. But at some point I want to retire.”

Christina then added, “We already have three, guys. I don’t care about what age we are — there’s three and they’re in different schools and in sports and all over the place. So we’ve got our hands very full trying to manage the kids and the work and the things. Like, that just wouldn’t be fair for another kid.”

Christina & Josh Hall Say Parenting Without an Assistant Wears Them Out

Christina has 50/50 custody of all three kids, though it was a bumpy road to finalize a custody agreement for Hudson in November 2022. She and Anstead finally agreed on vacation schedules and schooling for their three-year-old, as well as boundaries around keeping him out of paid promotions and her shows.

During their Instagram Live, Christina and Josh said the days when they do have all three kids in their care are exhausting, especially since they don’t have an assistant.

“Three kids in three different schools is not easy,” Josh told fans. “Christina and I usually split that load. Sometimes we get some help when we’re busy, but driving kids to three different schools is a task in itself.”

But Christina then contradicted Josh, saying that they don’t have help with the kids.

“We are like a glutton for punishment or something because, like, we don’t have an assistant and we really have no one else that helps us with the kids. (We’re) literally doing everything with the kids on our days.”

Josh said becoming an instant stepparent has turned him into an early bird who goes to bed by 10 pm.

“I start the day at 5:30 in the morning and Christina starts about 6:30,” he revealed. “And I never thought I’d go to bed early, but by 10 o’clock I am lights out. I am dead. We’ve got a lot going on. Obviously people only see a small portion of what is either posted on social media or what you get on episodes, but Christina and I (have) very manic brains.”

The Halls also have animals to care for. Fans have come to know Josh’s longtime dog, Stella, and their pup Cash, who both live at their California home. At their “getaway” farm in Tennessee, where they film “Christina in the Country,” they also have chickens, goats, and mini donkeys, according to People.

“Somebody always asks — they always want to know — who’s taking care of the animals when we go home,” Josh said of the farm animals during their Instagram Live. “We’re not negligent parents. Our animals are not just sitting on the farm waiting for us to come back. We have caretakers that help, that actually send us videos, pictures, updates. We love those animals.”

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