Fans Have Strong Thoughts on Christina Hall’s Family Photo With Hudson

Christina Hall

Getty Former "Flip or Flop" star Christina Hall got fans talking with her new family photo.

HGTV personality Christina Hall received some feedback from fans after she posted a new family photo but placed an emoji on top of her youngest son’s face.

Hudson is the 3-year-old son Hall shares with her ex-husband, Ant Anstead. Hall’s two eldest children — 7-year-old Braydon and 12-year-old Taylor — are from her relationship with her first ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. The “Christina on the Coast” star and her husband, Josh Hall, got married on April 5, 2022, after less than a year of dating, per People.

“What better back drop for family photos than a beautiful fall-colored field?! This photoshoot was one of my favorites. I Love my family ❤️,” Hall said in the description for the November 28 Instagram post. She garnered nearly 100,000 likes and generated more than 2,000 comments.

Fans had lots to say about Hall putting an emoji over her son’s face. Some simply comment that the HGTV star had a “beautiful family” and others didn’t think it was “fair” she had to hide Hudson’s face.

“How silly that you cannot show your child’s picture but he is putting him on Instagram. Beautiful family,” says one of the most-liked comments.

“This is cute. I like how your handling an unfortunate situation,” reads another top comment.

Another popular response was from a fan who offered some insight. “The best advice I received from my divorce attorney: Have more love for your kids, than hatred for your ex,” they said.

Anstead Does Not Want Hudson to Appear on Reality TV

Anstead — who split from Hall in 2020 — does not want Hudson to appear on reality television or in social media ads. He feared his son would suffer mentally if he was featured in the public eye as a minor, according to October legal documents obtained by Us Weekly. 

Hall said she was “offended” Anstead was insinuating she was trying to exploit their son in a legal filing of her own.

“The allegation that I am ‘exploiting’ our son is truly offensive and simply untrue,” Hall said in her response, per Us Weekly.

“I have never exploited our son Hudson. He appeared in a few of my own Instagram ads that each took less than 5 minutes to film,” she continued, according to Us Weekly. “I have all the footage and they were all fun activities that he enjoyed doing, such as a playing with toys or making cookies. These were organic moments in Hudson’s eyes. Nothing was forced and they were filmed with a cell phone, not a production team.”

In April 2022, Anstead filed for full custody of Hudson, though it was denied by a judge, Life & Style wrote. The former couple currently shares guardianship, per Life & Style.

Hall Clarified It’s Her Choice Not to Post Hudson on Instagram

Some fans were a little confused when they saw Hudon’s face was covered since Anstead posted his youngest son online.

Hall made it known that it was her decision to no longer feature Hudson on Instagram — and that a judge did not make the decision for her.

“This will be the last time I talk about this… Since there is so much confusion about false info about Hudson’s photos,” Hall began her statement via Instagram stories on November 28. “People on here telling she ‘she was never told she couldn’t post…’ Umm correct… I never said that!

“I was NOT told I could no longer post Hudson… I was NOT told anything by a judge because I was never in front of a judge,” she continued. “I CHOSE and Choose to not post Hudson because I was exhausted over Instagram being used as a tool against me. This has nothing to do with ads, people need to wrap their heads around the fact that none of this actually has anything to do with advertisements.”

“This is about CONTROL,” the HGTV star wrote at the end of her post. “There are many things that I was no longer ok with.”

“Instagram was being used as tool against me to judge the kind of mom I was and I was sick of it,” she continued. “Every photo I posed of Hudson was on my story or main page was being screen shot and picked apart. So that is why I am choosing not to post Hudson. Now the ‘now it alls’ can go back to his page please. Thank you.”

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