HGTV Star Hits Beach After Cosmetic Surgeries, Claps Back at Critics


Getty Surgeons work together in operating room

Mina Starsiak Hawk of HGTV says she’s feeling good about her body a year and a half after undergoing numerous cosmetic surgeries. The “Good Bones” host, whose spinoff show “Good Bones: Risky Business” premiered on September 6, 2022, was open with fans about her decision and process. In a new interview, she explained why she went under the knife and what she wants to say to critics.

Starsiak Hawk Opted for ‘Mommy Makeover’ Set of Surgeries

On September 5, Starsniak Hawk posted an Instagram photo of her and her husband, personal trainer Steve Hawk, on the last day of their beach vacation. The bikini shot generated lots of comments about the 37-year-old’s sleek physique, which she has said is the result of training with her husband and multiple cosmetic surgeries after the births of their kids.

Starsniak Hawk had C-sections when delivering both of her children, four-year-old son Jack and almost two-year-old Charlotte, who they call Charlie. In January 2021, she told People Magazine that the pregnancies, surgeries, and breastfeeding left her feeling bad about her body.

“My C-section scar was a very visual and physical reminder of not looking like myself and not feeling like myself anymore,” she said.

The home renovation expert also developed diastasis recti, which the Mayo Clinic says is a common stretching of the muscles in the abdomen during pregnancy, which can cause a bulge. Starsniak Hawk said the stretching created 4-and-a-half inches of separation in her abs.

“I do a very physical job and I like working out, and your core is so attached to everything, every movement I do, like swinging a hammer,” she told People. “And I just didn’t feel like I was going to be able to work out and get this back, to where I felt strong, like myself, like I did before kids.”

On December 5, 2020, Starsniak Hawk, who lives in Indianapolis, had a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast implants — a set of surgeries often referred to as a “mommy makeover.” The recovery was lengthy and hard; she said that during the first two days post-surgery, she “thought I was going to die,” but she feels good about her decision today.

HGTV Host Responds to Online Critics of Her Surgeries

Starsniak Hawk was transparent with her social media followers about her decision to have cosmetic surgery. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight that aired on September 9, Starsiak Hawk said even she is impressed by her transformation when she looks back over her posts.

“I posted like the ‘before’ surgery, the ‘after’ surgery, and then a year later after working out with my husband and they’re three completely different bodies. I mean, I had a 4-inch gap between my abs. I would never have abs again if they didn’t sew them shut.”

In the interview, Starsiak Hawk said she has received many comments from people who criticized her surgeries.

“I did get a lot of comments from moms saying, you know, ‘I’m super disappointed in you, I thought you were a great role model for my daughter,'” the TV star recalled, saying she hopes her own daughter is inspired by women who reach their goals by doing whatever feels right for them.

“I would rather Charlie know ‘that woman is beautiful, and to get where she wanted to get, you know, she went to college and she got a boob job and you know, she does yoga three times a week or whatever it is. It doesn’t just magically happen.”

The star also clapped back at critics in a July 20 Instagram post with a video in which she said, “Y’all, I have lit the world on fire” and then listed things she’s proud of including being a mom, boss and wife, and having “a body that has taken SO many forms…and is capable of so many things.”

As part of a lengthy caption she wrote, “I chose to share my life with you all. And I chose to share it ALL. That’s what has felt right for ME. The whole package. And I can also understand how uncomfortable it can be for some people to move out of the role you have put them in or off of the pedestal you have set them on. I am still me. And will continue to be.”