The Property Brothers Help Drew Barrymore With a Proposal on ‘Celebrity IOU’

Drew Barrymore on Celebrity IOU

HGTV Drew Barrymore joins Drew and Jonathan Scott on "Celebrity IOU."

Drew Barrymore gets on bended knee in a clip from the upcoming episode of “Celebrity IOU.” The actress and talk show host enlists the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott to propose a home renovation to her longtime friend, makeup artist Debra Ferullo.

“I know how much this home means to you and Mikey,” the 47-year-old tells Ferullo in the clip. “And I know that you haven’t been able to work on it and if it’s okay, we want to come in and improve the home that you have earned and fought for with all of your heart.”

But, the “Property Brothers” stars point out how similar the moment was to a marriage proposal.

As Jonathan interjects, “Yeah, should you be down on one knee Drew?”

The “Charlie’s Angels” star agreed.

“By the way, I did think of it. Deb, I want to, with the help of the most two brilliant professional geniuses,” Barrymore trails off while the HGTV hosts kneel next to her.

Drew asks, “Can we renovate your house?”

Ferullo excitedly responds, “Oh my god, I would love it. I would be honored. I would be so honored.”

Later, in a confessional, the twins agree the friends are a perfect fit.

“It was destined for these two to be the best of friends,” Jonathan says. Drew adds, “Honestly, they sound and feel like family.”

Drew Barrymore Surprises Her ‘Sister’ With a Home Makeover

Drew Barrymore surprises her makeup artist on Celebrity IOU

HGTVDrew Barrymore partners with Drew and Jonathan Scott to surprise her makeup artist on “Celebrity IOU.”

It seems the “Brother vs. Brother” stars were right. As HGTV announced in a press release, Barrymore sees Ferullo, her friend of more than 20 years, as a “sister.”

The single mothers have been supportive of each other during their “difficult divorces,” HGTV revealed in a press release. As the network added, Ferullo has a teenage son.

To help out her friend, the design enthusiast has teamed up with the Scott twins to surprise Ferullo.

The trio will give the makeup artist “a stylish and functional indoor and outdoor renovation” which will feature “a modern kitchen with a sleek island and tons of needed storage, a luxe dining space to entertain guests or do homework, and a large outdoor deck featuring a hotel-worthy seating area,” HGTV announced in the press release.

Drew Barrymore Joins a Star-Studded Lineup on ‘Celebrity IOU’

Drew Barrymore and Drew Scott

HGTVDrew Barrymore and Drew Scott on “Celebrity IOU.”

Barrymore stars in the finale of a star-studded season of “Celebrity IOU.” In the series, Drew and Jonathan help some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood express their gratitude to loved ones through surprise renovations, according to

The “Never Been Kissed” star joins Wilmer Valderrama, Kate Hudson, Idina Menzel, Cindy Crawford, Terry Crews, Leslie Jordan and Cheryl Hines this season.

“One of the things we love most about ‘Celebrity IOU’ is that it proves that special people can turn into your family,” Jonathan said in an October 2022 press release. “It’s amazing to see celebrities open up to us about their exceptional friends who have made a huge impact in their lives.”

“Drew Barrymore’s Spectacular Reno Surprise” premieres on Monday, January 2, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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