HGTV Star Drew Scott Shares Childhood Halloween Memories

Linda & Drew

Getty Drew Scott and Linda Phan pose together in 2018.

With Halloween just around the corner, HGTV personality Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan shared childhood memories surrounding the spooky holiday on their podcast “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott.”

Drew Scott & Linda Phan Spoke About Their Childhood Halloween Costumes on Their Podcast

During the podcast episode, uploaded on October 5, Linda Phan shared that she often sported handmade Halloween costumes when she was a child.

“I had really cute costumes. I was a pumpkin once, my mom made the pumpkin part and I just wore green tights and she made like a little hat for like the stem, and then I stuffed myself with newspaper,” said the 36-year-old. “And then another time, a last-minute costume was needed, I think this was in grade one or something and I was a bag of garbage. I just poked my legs through the bottom of a garbage bag and stuffed myself with newspaper.”

Drew then revealed that his mother, Joanne Scott, also had a knack for coming up with Halloween costumes for her children.

“Our mom always went all out to try to help us build whatever we were dreaming up, so I had a robot that shot his arms out 20 feet, it was actually just like dryer hose that she put on the arms and spray-painted it silver and then I was a muscle man one year,” revealed the “Property Brothers” star. 

The 43-year-old then shared that he and his brother, Jonathan, used to dress up with their friend in high school.

“We always went big even into our high school years everyone was always excited because our best friend Pedro, Jonathan, and me would always do a trio costume. So cavemen, one of on stilts, one of us down, like a mini little caveman, our legs were hidden in like a sack, we were carrying over our shoulder and it was always something super funny and fun,” asserted the HGTV star. 

Drew also noted that his father, Jim Scott, and his mother enjoyed getting into the Halloween spirit.

“Something I really remember when I was a kid, my mom and dad always dressed up and they went all out when kids would come trick-or-treat at the house. So they would take us around to our friends houses and stuff. And then they would come back to the house and they would dress up to give out candy. My mom was usually Winnie the Witch and my dad was Frankenstein,” shared Drew.

Drew Scott Spoke About His Parents in a June 2021 Interview

During a June 2021 interview with Cathy Heller, alongside Jonathan Scott, Drew Scott spoke about how their parents inspired them to work hard.

“We’re sort of driven and passionate and our parents encouraged that from a young age. They always told us if someone says you can’t do something, find five ways to do it. Never let someone stand in the way of your passion,” shared Drew.

Jonathan then shared that their father encouraged his sons to treat people with respect while trying to establish their careers.

“I remember dad said a long time ago that there is a path to the top that doesn’t involve stepping on people to get there,” shared Jonathan.

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