Drew Scott Shares Strange Moment While Shooting ‘Brother vs. Brother’

Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott

Getty HGTV stars Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott pose together in 2020.

Drew Scott, of “Property Brothers” fame recently revealed that there was an odd occurrence during the production of a “Brother vs. Brother” episode. According to HGTV.com, on the hit series Drew and his twin brother Jonathan “compete against each other to see who can flip a home for the highest selling price.” 

Drew Scott Shared Unsettling Stories on an October 2021 Episode of His Podcast

On an October 2021 episode of his podcast “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott,” co-hosted by his wife, Linda Phan, Drew Scott revealed that he is not a stranger to strange occurrences. To help get his audience in the Halloween spirit, the famed home renovator shared that he had an unsettling night while “staying in a castle” in Scotland when he was a child. He explained that it was believed that the castle was haunted by “three ghosts.” He claimed he saw an entity that was “staring in [their] window.” According to Drew, in the morning, his father pointed out that there was “a sheer drop down the side of a cliff” where the outside of the window was located.

“Obviously, nobody was standing there,” said Drew. “Right when I saw that, I was like hackles up the back of my neck thinking I actually saw a ghost.”

The 43-year-old went on to say that he and Jonathan shared a joint experience involving wildlife when they were about 6-years-old. The Canada native explained that he and his brother were part of the Beaver Scouts, which is similar to Boy Scouts. During a trip to the forest, the siblings saw a large creature, which he described as “a big wolf-looking dog.” He shared that the animal “started running toward [them].”

“I can see in my mind what the wolf looked like, the dog thing looked like, Jonathan swears he can see it too. Who knows if we made this up in our own minds,” said Drew. “We remember, so we were running toward the Scout Hall to get away from it — as we were running, I swear there was another friend too, and as we’re running, we keep looking back and all of the sudden — it’s gone. It was getting really close to us and then all of the sudden like in my mind like a swirl of smoke, gone.”

Drew then shared a story involving “Brother vs. Brother.”

“There was a moment that was kind of creepy where, this was years ago, where our team went into one of the rooms and they thought they could get just that creepy, cool sensation,” said the HGTV star.

Drew explained that “there were no locks on the doors, the locks weren’t working” in the room and the production team had “been in and out of them 100 times.”

“This one time they went in there, both the main door in the bedroom and then the door in the bathroom, they had shut them and then they had tried to open them and they would not open,” shared the “Property Brothers” star. “It was like they were locked but there literally was no lock working on the handles and you know, our construction guys, Donnie [Biggs] is a big guy, Hart [Hempelmann] is a big guy, they could not open the doors and they tried, tried, tried and then literally just a minute later, it just easily opens, no problem, and that happened twice to them in there.”

Drew Scott & Linda Phan Mention ‘Brother vs. Brother’ During a September 2021 YouTube Video

Jonathan and Drew Scott have an older brother named James Daniel “JD” Scott. In a recent video, uploaded on their YouTube channel, Drew and Linda addressed why JD has not faced his brothers on “Brother vs. Brother.” 

“We sort of do our own ‘Brother vs. Brother’ all the time. JD’s a big pranker so he’s always trying to prank us. We love having him on ‘Brother vs. Brother’ but he’s sort of that mediator for us,” explained Drew. 

Phan suggested that her brother-in-law does not have time to be a competitor on the show.

“And truly he’s busy actually building things in real life, like not for just TV. He renovates his own place and their own office so his hands are full of sawdust,” said the 36-year-old. 

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