Drew Scott Reveals What He Does Not Enjoy About Being Famous

Linda & Drew

Getty Drew Scott and Linda Phan pose together in 2018.

Drew Scott and his brother Jonathan Scott found fame when the first season of their hit HGTV show “Property Brothers” aired in 2011. Drew recently opened up about the downside of having a large fanbase.

Drew Scott & Linda Phan Recently Answered Fan Questions

In a recent video, uploaded on their YouTube channel, Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan answered fan questions. One of the questions that the couple chose to answer was what are the “best and worst parts of being famous.” Drew then revealed that he does not like when fans impede on certain moments.

“You know sometimes if we’re out with family or we’re having an intimate dinner or something like that it can be tough. Because sometimes people sort of will come right in and ask for photos in the middle of some private family time. So that’s the only thing that I would say is — it makes it harder for us to just have that quiet private time,” said the HGTV star. 

Phan then shared what she finds difficult about being well-known.

“Sometimes there may be pressure to respond to things publicly before taking the time to process it internally,” shared the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment.

Drew agreed with his wife’s sentiment.

“I’ve seen it too. People will sort of get attacked because they haven’t said something about something that other people are posting publicly and I said I don’t think we’re — we need to just because somebody doesn’t post on social media about something that’s happening that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking about it. It just means they haven’t posted,” stated the “Celebrity IOU” star. 

Phan then clarified that she does “think there is value in people that [she] admire[s]” sharing “their opinions.” 

“I do like to see how they’re processing things so it is helpful,” said Phan.

Drew Scott Discussed His Relationship With Linda Phan in 2018

Drew Scott married Linda Phan in 2018 after seven years of dating. During a June 2019 video, uploaded on the Scott Brothers YouTube channel, the 43-year-old shared how his life has changed since meeting Phan. He shared that he “was a constant single guy,” as he has been work-oriented from an early age. He noted that he was initially interested in acting and then shifted his career to working in real estate, alongside his brother. 

“I dated a little bit here and there but I was never Don Juan. I was never focused on finding love. I was just focused on work and I will admit you know I never had long-term girlfriends. I had one that was sort of a long-term girlfriend and then out of the blue, not expecting it, caught me off guard, Linda came into my life and I have to say Linda taught me what love is,” asserted the television personality. 

The couple spoke to Entertainment Tonight in 2018 after their nuptials. Drew discussed whether marriage had changed their relationship.

“We’ve been together almost eight years so we knew each other — that we love each other since when we met and so our same routine’s happening, we film, we’re on a plane every two days, we’re filming in Calgary next and then Vegas so a lot of time on the road but just spending those little moment together is all I need,” said Drew.

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